Amy Duggar to Anna Duggar: How Do You Have SIX Kids?!?

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Amy Duggar has a lot of time on her hands these days.

In a very specific way, that is.

As the relatively new mother of a beautiful baby boy, Amy is obviously very busy.

Amy Duggar as a Mother

However, as millions of moms around the world can relate to, she's often very busy feeding this precious child... which means she also has time to be on the Internet and make some irresponsible Amazon purchases.

Or to Tweet.

Or, in the case we're focusing on here, to Tweet her appreciation and amazing for fellow new mother and Duggar family member, Anna.

Anna welcomed her own baby in late November, a girl named Maryella who joined an immediate family that already included five other kids.

Josh Duggar at Church

By contrast, Amy and husband Dillon only have their one kid... and he's plenty for them at the moment, which is what prompted Amy to mention Anna in a late-night/early-morning Tweet yesterday.

"Are you up feeding Maryella? Like I am with Dax!?” Amy asked Anna around 3.a.m “If so... miss you and you're doing great mama!”

The boutique owner added"

“I seriously don't know how you do it all and still have time to look cute and even curl your hair! Teach me your ways!”

amy to anna

Pretty sweet sentiment of Amy here, wouldn't you say?

Not only is Anna at home with a total  of six children, but she's also living with a child molester who cheated on her multiple times in the past and whose family basically won't let her file for divorce.

Anna could use all the support she can get, you know?

And, as it turns out, she actually was awake and feediing her daughter at this crazy hour!

lil duggar

“Yup... just finished feeding Maryella. I guess our kids are on a similar schedule. I hope you get some good rest tonight! Love you!” she wrote in response to Amy's Tweet.

This same day the mother of six shared a photo of her daughter to mark her youngest child’s two-month benchmark.

As you can see below, Anna wore a printed dress, had her hair neatly curled and had on a full face of makeup.

But all eyes, of course, were on the precious child in her arms.

Anna and Maryella

Amy, meanwhile, has been posting candid photos and videos without makeup as she navigates being a first-time parent.

“Pretty poses, makeup and photoshoots are great but it's not real. Life isn't perfect and I don't want the people who follow me to think that!” the former Counting On star explained on Instagram in November 2019 just weeks after welcoming her son.

In December 2019, the Amy also admitted that her mom, Deanna, came over daily to help with Daxton, writing:

“Everyone has sent me messages asking me ‘Amy, how do you do it all?! You make motherhood look so easy!!’

"Although I appreciate those compliments I'll be honest with takes a village!” Amy revealed. “My mom comes and takes care of Daxton for 3 hours in the morning!”

Amy and Daxton

We appreciate Amy's honesty throughout this parenthood adventure.

We also appreciate the fact that Josh seemingly hasn't slept with another woman behind his wife's back in months, maybe even years.

It's very considered of the immoral horn dog, don't you agree?

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