Tristan Thompson Gives Khloe Kardashian a Diamond Ring and She's All Like, WTF, Dude?!?

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Tristan Thompson actually went there on Sunday night.

And, for once when it comes to this serial cheater, there is not a reference to the private parts of some random woman he met at a nightclub while his girlfriend was home and pregnant.

keeks on keeping

That's a convoluted way of saying the following:

The disgraced basketball player gifted his ex-girlfriend with a diamond ring on the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The installment centered around Khloe's 35th birthday, an occasion for which her family, friends and loved ones gathered and celebrated.

How did Tristan fit into the celebration?

scott and ring

"Last night, when I get home, he was like, 'I wanna give you your birthday present,'" Khloe explained to Scott Disick.

"I go, 'I don't want a present from you.' He was like, 'Please?' So he gives me a card, and he goes, 'And I hope you accept this ring.'"

Scott's mouth fell to the floor in response to this story.

And then in response to the rock that Khloe had placed on her finger.

khloe ring

Thompson, of course, is the father of Khloe's daughter, True.

However, he cheated on her in early 2018 when she was expecting the couple's first and only child...

... and then he did so again earlier this year, swapping spit with family friend Jordyn Woods and giving Khloe no choice but to end their relationship once and for all.

"I was like, 'I really appreciate it. I don't think I can accept it,'" she said on air of the ring. "He's like, 'Just think about it. It's yours.' I go, 'Not everything needs to be bought.'"

keek in pink

Khloe went on to say that Tristan even included a long and heartfelt note with the expensive present.

"The card was literally something I've been waiting for forever," she said. "And it was like in his bad handwriting, which is what I wanted! Just something tangible, that I can keep."

In the end, despite her misgiving regarding the over-the-top gift, Khloe decided to keep the ring in an effort to "have a healthy, kind and, yes, a loving relationship" with Thompson.

Fair enough... we guess.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween

Later, though, Khloe also received a diamond necklace from her ex.

This prompted her to FaceTime Thompson.

"You weren't this nice to me when we were together, ever!" Khloe told Tristan on the call

She also thanked him when Thompson said on a subsequent call that he loved her.

thompson facetime

We've been reporting for months now that Thompson still thinks he has a shot with Kardashian.

Khloe seems to know this, too.

"Tristan is really trying to show that he's sorry on a daily basis, whether that be a nice gift, a text," she said on the Sunday episode, adding:

"I do appreciate that because I know that he's trying. So I think we're slowly moving into the right direction of being friends as well as excellent co-parents."

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian, Face-Licking Photo

So where do the two stand now?

After the episode aired, Khloe responded to a fan on Twitter who said they "wished Tristan never messed up!"

"Same babe. Same lol," Kardashian replied, concluding:

"But we are coparenting so well right now. It is a great space to be in. Coparenting is such a hard space. Much respect to all coparenters."

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