Tori Spelling to Andy Cohen: I'm Broke! Make Me a Real Housewife!

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Over the summer, things were briefly looking up for Tori Spelling.

After years of being forced to use air quotes when describing herself as an "actress," Tori was back on TV thanks to Fox's 90210 reboot.

Tori Spelling Promotes BH90210

Producers took a gamble by eschewing a straightforward reboot in favor of a weird, meta approach in which the cast members played themselves.

The series connected with critics, who gave it surprisingly decent reviews.

Unfortunately, it struggled to find an audience, and while there's been no official announcement of a cancellation, insiders claim Fox has decided to ax the show after just one season.

“Fox told the cast they were guaranteed two seasons, but in the fine print there was an out clause that included a low threshold for ratings,” a source tells Radar Online.

BH90210 Premiere Photo

“She’s also looking at doing more reality TV because her career is over with scripted TV.”

That's bad news for everyone involved, but particularly for Tori, whose money problems have been well-documented.

In short, Spelling is broke and massively in debt.

She and husband Dean McDermott have faced multiple six-figure lawsuits from creditors in recent years, and the couple reportedly owes over $1 million in back taxes.

Tori and Dean McDermott

“She is freaking out because the 90210 show was her moneymaker,” Radar's source says of Tori's financial situation.

So what's Tori gonna do now that she has zero income and a mountain of debt?

Well, it seems she's planning to do what countless washed-up celebs before her have done and seek refuge in the vast wasteland of reality TV.

Now, Tori and Dean have starred in reality shows in the past, but they were lame little one-offs with gimmicky twists that had the McDermotts pretending to run a bed and breakfast, or some such crap.

Spelling and McDermott

These days, Tori has her sights set much higher.

The insider claims she's been in contact with Andy Cohen about the possibility of becoming a Real Housewife.

“She thinks now is the time," the source says. 

"Except she is delusional because she doesn’t have enough money to be a Housewife!”

Yes, it seems there's one little SNAFU in Tori's plan -- she's simply not living a Housewife-caliber lifestyle these days, and people watch these shows for escapism, not so they can get depressed about some has-been's money problems.

Dean McDermott with Wife

We assume Tori would star in the Beverly Hills iteration of Housewives, as she rests her head in nearby Encino.

Unfortunately, the two communities are 30 minutes apart by freeway, but light years away from one another in terms of their culture.

Tori is living a stripped-down life in the 'burbs these days, while Lisa Vanderpump and company are still keeping it posh.

Hey, maybe as a compromise Andy can ship Tori off to New Jersey and have her start over there.

Everyone loves a good fish-out-of-water story!

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