Lauren Duggar: Slammed by Josie Bates for Copying Her Style?!

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Lauren Duggar has officially been a Duggar for about a year and a half now -- she got married to Josiah last June.

And honestly, a lot of people just don't seem to care for her.

Lauren Duggar Expecting

She's been called annoying and dramatic, and there's even a good amount of people who believe she lied about her miscarriage last year for sympathy and attention.

And then, of course, there are all the people who don't like her simply because she's a Duggar.

There are even rumors that some members of the family aren't too fond of her either -- just last week, Jill publicly reached out to Marjorie Jackson, the girl Josiah courted before Lauren.

That may not sound like much, but just imagine if your sister hollered at your ex while you and your new spouse had just had a baby. It could be considered a bit shady, right?

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson on Their Gram

And now it looks like we can add Josie Bates to the list of people who do not particularly enjoy Lauren.

If you're unfamiliar, Josie Bates is one of the 19 children of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates -- they have their own show, Bringing Up Bates, that is similar to but less popular than the Duggars' show.

The Bates have always been tight with the Duggars. They attend each other's weddings and say nice things to each other on social media.

Bringing Up Bates Family

Joy-Anna is best friends with another Bates girl, Carlin, and there are often rumors that Jana is courting one of the boys, Lawson.

And Lauren, it seems, has found a style icon in Josie.

OK, so check out this photo of Josie:

Josie Bates and her hat

She posted that earlier this month -- note the hat.

And what ensemble did Lauren wear when she rolled up to the Duggar family Christmas event last week?

Let's see:

Josiah and Lauren Duggar with Baby Bella

Interesting, right?

But we're not talking about hat choices today.

Nope, we're talking about baby pictures.

Josie has a baby girl named Willow, and a couple of days before Christmas, she posed her under the tree for this sweet photo:

Josie Bates' Christmas baby

Lauren saw the photo, and we know that because she left a comment that read "So perfect," along with a heart eyes emoji.

And then, a day later, she shared a photo of her baby, Bella, under their Christmas tree.

Notice any similarities?

Lauren Duggar's Christmas baby

Both photos feature a baby on a white blanket, wearing a bow and a furry vest, lying under a tree surrounded by presents wrapped in brown paper and bows.

Followers of both ladies noticed how similar the photos are, because honestly if you've seen them both, it's kind of hard to miss.

Someone even replied to Lauren's comment on Josie's photo to tell her that it "Seems you liked it so much you decided to take almost exactly the same picture."

And guys ... Josie liked that comment!

Josie Bates, Husband

Was she feeling a little weird about Lauren's copycat behavior? Did she think the comment she liked was being sincere instead of shady?

It's hard to say, but Josie has responded to the controversy.

After people started noticing that she'd liked that comment, someone tagged her and asked "Is it true you were throwing shade at Lauren Duggar because she posed her baby under a Xmas tree?"

"It is not true," Josie replied. "I have nothing but love for Lauren and sweet Bella."

Bella at 1 Month

So there you have it.

Josie loves Lauren, she's not mad that she ripped off her picture, and all is well in the world of reality show families with stupid amounts of children.

It's basically a Christmas miracle, huh?

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