Josh Duggar Ordered to Appear in Court, May Face Arrest Warrant

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We've known for many years now that Josh Duggar is a terrible husband.

This is someone who admittedly cheated on his wife (via adultery website Ashley Madison) and, let's not forget, who also molested his own sisters back when he was a teenager.

Josh Duggar: Back on the 'Gram

We emphasize these points a lot, but come on now. They deserve to be emphasized, don't you think? Especially when Anna keeps having another one of his kids every year or two?

But we digress. And this post isn't necessarily about Duggar's personal life.

It's actually about his professional dealings and how the former reality star appears to be a terrible businessperson as well.

Josh Duggar at the Zoo

As you may or may not know by now, federal agents reportedly raided Josh's business this fall, for reasons that remain both perplexing and troubling -- as documented below:

To no one's surprise, Josh appears to be lying about what is going on, but the disgraced father of six cannot lie about the following because it's a matter of public record:

According to court documents, the former 19 Kids and Counting star's company, ALB Investments, was ordered to appear in Arkansas court on Monday to "show cause" in a real estate lawsuit filed by state resident Carl Echols.

Anna Duggar is Stuck with Josh

Echols initially filed the lawsuit against his own cousin, Edward L. Lewis, and Duggar's company in April, claiming that he purchased an Arkansas property from Lewis for $17,500 in the early 2000s.

However, Echols argued that Duggar purchased the land years later for $1,000 without his knowledge.

As previously detailed, Josh has tried and failed to remove his name from this latest legal scandal.

Gender Question

This brings us back to yesterday's drama, during which Duggar was represented by his attorney, Travis Story; he did not appear himself in court.

The hearing, meanwhile, was for an order “compelling Respondent ALB Investments to appear and show cause for failing to comply with an order to answer discovery and for sanctions."

In other words: The company had been ignoring various requirements associated with the aforementioned lawsuit ... and a judge is now calling it out for taking such inaction.

Josh and Anna Duggar: Expecting

This same judge was PISSED that Josh didn't appear before him yesterday.

The court has given Duggar until 4 p.m. CST today to answer about 30 questions from the Petitioner’s attorney.

And if the deadline is missed?

Duggars at Play

“The judge said a body attachment will be issued,” said Echols’ lawyer, Kesha Chiappinelli, referring to Josh and adding:

That means it’s like an arrest warrant because you must appear in court."

"So far in the discovery process, we asked for the names of all of the members of ALB Investments," Chiappinelli told Fox News.

Josh, Anna Duggar, Family

"The attorney would not answer that question. He said Josh Duggar is the only member of ALB Investments who knew about this issue."

If this all sounds a tad complicated, there's really just one important takeaway:

Josh Duggar is accused of basically stealing another man's land; and is now being accused of trying to stonewall the investigation into this illicit behavior.

Josh and Anna Get Married

We wouldn't shed any tears if Duggar ends up in prison, but the timing would be unfortunate because he and wife Anna only just welcomed their sixth child.

Josh and Anna said in a statement.

"On Thanksgiving eve our hearts are overflowing with joy and gratefulness for the arrival of our sixth child! Maryella Hope arrived this morning at 9:12am. 8 pounds and 2 ounces, 20 inches long."

They added:

A Family of 8

“Anna had a fast labor and delivery without complications. We are so thankful for a beautiful, healthy baby girl!"

It would suck for Anna if her husband is taken away when there's a newborn to care for at home, but then again...

... this would imply that Josh helps out in any way with the kids.

And we all know he does no such thing.

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