Jana Kramer: Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling Are Relationship Goals!

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Cheater and alleged "sex addiction" patient Dean McDermott has drawn parallels to Mike Caussin's troubles. It looks like that's a two-way street.

Jana Kramer expresses that seeing that Tori Spelling and Dean is a "beacon of hope" for her and makes her optimistic about her marriage's future.

Jana Kramer and Mike

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin are still reeling from Mike's latest close call, and they invited Dean McDermott onto their Whine Down podcast.

"Doing [True Tori] really got us together and got us talking right away, which was great," Dean emphasizes.

He has spoken in the past about how doing their failed reality show was part of waht saved their marriage, despite the public humiliation.

"Looking at it now," he reflects, "sort of solving your problems in the town square -- there's a price to it."

Tori and Dean McDermott

"Everyone can chime in," Dean observes, referring to public judgments after he cheated on Tori in 2013.

"We were doing it with the thought of getting through it ourselves but also helping others," he explains.

"But with that," Dean admits, "we weren't thinking of all the backlash and the haters and all the naysayers."

So is he saying that he regrets doing the show that saved his marriage? Well, not quite.

Tori and Dean in Hawaii

"We did it and the great thing is we worked it out and we're together," Dean ffirms.

He continues; "And things are stronger and better than ever."

Because they were doing the relaity show, they were working on a production schedule, which allowed for no delays.

Many couples drag their heels before going into marriage counseling. The demands of reality TV ensured that Tori and Dean did not.

Jana Kramer Embraces Mike Caussin

Mike Caussin comments on how Dean's reports of "feedback" from the public really hit home.

"That sounds so identical and parallel and familiar for us," he observes.

And that's not all that they have in common.

Both Dean and Mike's cheating incidents went public only after (former) friends sold the story to tabloids.

Spelling and McDermott

Dean recalls the added layer of horror after his cheating was exposed right before the holidays.

"[Mike] and I, we shouldn't have been doing what we were doing," he firmly emphasizes.

Dean notes: "But it didn't need to play out that way and our story broke Christmas Eve."

"It's all my fault but it's done," he acknowledges.

Happy Anniversary to Mike and Jana!

Dean has more to add about public backlash, saying that it made the cheating fallout that much worse.

"Tori would get comments and especially on social media," he says. "Tori would get a lot of flak for [staying]."

Dean explains: "That's something she had to work through. She's so strong."

"It's turned," he notes in terms of commentary. "Now a lot of people say, ‘We're so glad you stayed together. You're a great example.'"

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, 12 Year Anniversary

"As guys, we want to fix everything and be done…that's not going to happen in this situation," Dean affirms.

"Guys, keep up the good work," he tells Jana and Mike. "Three and a half years out? That's awesome that you're still together."

He praises: "Awesome work."

Staying together for years and honestly working on preventing future cheating incidents takes a tremendous amount of work.

Jana Kramer in Bed

Jana Kramer then makes a somewhat stunning announcement about Dean and Tori and their enduring marriage.

"You've been our beacon of hope so thank you," Jana gushes.

Their troubled marriage is usually not seen as ideal, but clearly, to Jana, they represent a bright future.

After all, if they can stay together for six years after cheating, Jana and Mike have a chance, too.

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