Briana DeJesus: If John Rodriguez Had Fought For Me, I'd Still Love Him!

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Briana DeJesus has made it abundantly clear that she no longer loves John Rodriguez. Quite the opposite, these days.

At the Teen Mom 2 Reunion, Briana explained exactly how they broke things off, and revealed what she has to say to her ex.

Briana DeJesus with John Rodriguez

At the Reunion, Briana says that she fell out of love with John virtually overnight.

"I just stopped liking him," she explains. "I stopped loving him."

"It was something. I woke up one morning and I said I'm not happy," Briana elaborates.

She recalls getting the sudden sense: "I don't think he's the one for me."

Briana and Johnny

Things have soured between the two of them significantly since then, as you can imagine.

"He'll say it's all my fault," Briana now predicts. The blame game can get so ugly when it comes to a breakup.

She adds: "He says that he never had 100% of me." By that, she means that he'll accuse her of holding herself back and never trying to love him.

Whether that's true or not, sometimes people can't handle falling out of love, and all of that passion turns to intense dislike.

Briana DeJesus With Johnny Rodriguez

"It sucks because I kicked him to the curb," Briana expresses, reflecting upon their messy breakup and perhaps even upon her regrets.

She laments: "but he didn't fight to be with me either."

"I wanted him to fight for me but he didn't," Briana emphasizes.

That line is a little curious and makes us wonder if this was a more toxic breakup than fans initially realized.

Briana on Insta

Sometimes, because of the bizarre expectations that society gives people for relationships, people create drama on purpose.

There are numerous social media posts in which women describe starting a fight because they're "bored" or eager for makeup sex.

That is unhealthy, toxic behavior. And Briana's description almost sounds like it could be adjacent to all of that.

If you break up with someone, know that they may take you at your word, even if it breaks their hearts.

Johnny Rodriguez

Naturally, Briana was asked if she has anything to say to John at this point.

"We're done," she affirmed, "so there's nothing for me to say to him." 

"I think after today, I will never see him again," Briana predicted.

Fans and viewers will of course have to wait until next week to hear John's side of the breakup story.

Briana DeJesus and Boyfriend

Things were not always so contentious between the two of them, of course.

In April of this year, the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary.

"He's super attentive to the girls," Briana raved at the time.

She gushed: "He loves the girls, the girls enjoy him and everything's been good."

Briana DeJesus and Johnny Rodriguez

"I like him because he doesn't rush this relationship," Briana's praise continued at the time.

She noted: "We both have been taking it slow. We're not looking into having any kids right now."

"We're not looking into moving in together," Briana added.

She concluded: "We're not looking into getting married. We're just enjoying each other and taking things how it is."

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