Amy Duggar Recounts Horrible Childhood, Earns Our Perpetual Sympathy

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With the arrival of her baby son, Amy Duggar has seen her dream come true.

In light of this blessed developmeny, however, the 33-year old is also opening up about her long-ago nightmare.

Amy and Daxton

As confirmed in October, Amy and husband Dillon welcomed a boy named Daxton just about two months ago.

The newborn became a part of this complex world on October 9... is fully named Daxton Ryan King... weighed in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces ... and measured 20 inches in length at the time of his entrance.

"Those eyes...may you never lose your wonder baby boy," wrote the proud and excited mom as a caption to an early photo of Daxton several weeks ago.

In the time since, Amy has shared more pictures of her little one and, on November 28, another message about her good fortune.

Hello, Daxton!

"All I have ever wanted was a faithful, loving man, a peaceful household and to have the best job title in the world: Mama!" wrote Amy on that date, adding:

"Thank you, Lord, for such a beautiful life. May your hearts be as full as your plates today! Happy Thanksgiving!"

What a lovely sentiment, right?

It prompted the reply below from a dedicated Duggar follower...

Amy Duggar Gives Birth

"Probably not very peaceful with that little guy but the best kind of noise. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving as a family of three."

Again a very nice sentiment, right?

The remark, however, awkakened something inside of Amy.

It led to a comment that we're guessing fans didn't see coming, as Duggar offered up an example of how rough she had it as a kid.

Amy Duggar Kisses Dillon

"I grew up in a very hostile environment," retorted Amy.

"If I didn’t put the cereal box in the pantry the right way it would be thrown in a tree. My mom and I walked on eggshells and lived in fear of what might happen next.

"Our home is peaceful and I feel safe here. Thankful my son will not be around emotional abuse like that."

amy king message

Yikes, huh?!?

This is not the first time Amy has opened up so candidly about her challenging childhood, which seems to have stemmed from an abusive father.

When Amy appeared on Marriage Boot Camp, she admitted as much and even said that they’d gone through counseling back in the day.

Thankfully, Amy has done her best to leave the past behind her -- and remains very close to her mother.

On December 2, Amy posted another photo of her son and his maternal grandmother.

amys mom

She then wrote that Deanna Duggar helps her at nearly all times when it comes to taking care of her little boy, so she can still snag a little sleep and manage her business, 3130 Clothing.

“I’m not a superwoman, and I definitely have help!” Amy wrote on Instagram, adding in this post:

“Mom, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything you do! Daxton loves spending time with his Nana! It’s so sweet to see a special bond you 2 already share!”

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