Amanda Bynes: Living On the Street After Fleeing Rehab?

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Back in September, Amanda Bynes checked into rehab to be treated for substance abuse and mental health issues.

In many cases, such a development in the life of a former child star would be greeted with consternation, but in Bynes' case fans saw it for what it was -- a sign of progress.

Amanda Bynes joins Instagram

Bynes' addictions and troubled personal life have been well-documented over the years.

In 2014, the actress was placed on 5150 psychiatric hold and forced into undergoing psychiatric care.

This time, she sought treatment willingly, and all signs pointed to improvement.

Bynes gave an interview in which she discussed her past struggles candidly for the first time, and fans allowed themselves to be hopeful for her future.

Amanda Bynes for Paper

All of this makes the latest update on the actress' condition that much sadder.

According to a new report from Entertainment Tonight, Bynes is desperately seeking a place to stay after checking herself out of rehab earlier this week.

Despite initial reports that Bynes is living on the streets, it seems she's temporarily taken up residence with her parents.

"She has a great relationship with them," a source tells ET of Bynes' mother and father.

Amanda Bynes Beautiful

"She is always in touch with them."

The family was in court this week so that Amanda could seek permission to live on her own.

According to the terms of her psychiatric hold, she is currently only permitted to live with her parents or in a treatment facility.

The decision to leave rehab was reportedly Amanda's alone, and insiders say she checked out well ahead of schedule.

Amanda Bynes Leaves the Obsev Studios Holiday Party

This was Bynes' second time seeking treatment in the past year.

She first checked in back in March, and after several months of sobriety, she suffered a relapse over the summer.

Sources claimed that Bynes was "not doing well" during her most recent course of treatment.

The news followed a period of progress in which the actress graduated and associate's degree and re-entered public life.

Amanda Bynes Back on Twitter

Bynes even joined Instagram during this time, thus re-opening a direct line of communication with her fans for the first time in several years.

There's no word yet on how the judge decided regarding Amanda's request to live on her own.

Fortunately, it sounds as though the actress' once-fractured relationship with her parents has been mended, thus putting them in a position to provide whatever type of care she needs.

We wish Amanda all the best in her continued recovery.

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