Jon Gosselin: I Never Cheated on My Awful Ex-Wife!

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By all accounts, Jon Gosselin would love to forget the fact that he was ever married to Kate Gosselin.

And yet... the former reality star has gone out of his way over the past few months to remind folks about this very troubled failed marriage.

Jon Gosselin on Oz

Jon and Kate Gosselin split way back in 2009, but the couple signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of their divorce agreement, which meant neither could really trash the other in public.

For 10 years, that is.

With such a contract having now expired, Jon has made a point over and over of late of telling anyone who listens that Kate was a terrible wife and is now an irresponsible mother.

Heck, he's even slammed Gosselin as an abusive mother.

Jon Gosselin and Collin Gosselin, First Day of High School

On Monday, meanwhile, Jon appeared as a guest opposite Dr. Oz, a doctor who has exchanged all shreds of his integrity in exchange for fame and fortune.

But he isn't really the subject of this article at the moment.

Instead, the subject is Jon and various new things he had to say about Kate.

First, he hinted at his ex-wife sleeping with her bodyguard -- or at least spending an inappropriate amount of time with him.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of High School

“She was traveling with her bodyguard, she was going on speaking tours,” Jon said of his former spouse, bringing up THIS 2014 STORY and adding:

“I was home with the nanny and watching the kids and doing all of the kids stuff.”

Dr. Oz then asked his guest:

“Does she think you were having an affair?”

And Jon replied:

“Not with the nanny at that point. We had the same nanny for three years. She thought I was having an affair after … during separation in 2009, which I wasn’t. No.”

Jon Gosselin in Red

Going back about a decade, many tabloid covers did, indeed, print headlines that accused Jon of sleeping around.

Dr. Oz pressed Jon on this point, asking him on yesterday's program: “You were not having an affair?”

“No," said Jon.

“Until you got divorced, did you have an affair with anyone?” asked Oz again.

“No. Nope," Jon replied once more.

Jon Gosselin and Just 2 Kids

The father of eight has addressed these cheating accusations previously.

“The biggest misconception is the reason for the divorce is that I cheated on my wife, but I didn’t,” he said on a 2014 episode of Couples Therapy.

He also said his marriage was “just kind of like 10 years of a business transaction.”

How romantic, right?

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad, Date Night Photo 2019

Jon also told Dr. Oz that fame turned Kate Gosselin into a monster, which may be true.

But anyone who watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 way back in the day likely believed Kate had some monster-like tendencies at the time that reality show was being filmed.

As for his relationship with his ex at the moment?

It's pretty simple and straighforward, Jon told Dr. Oz.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, Go Eagles

“We don’t have a relationship right now,” he said on air, adding:

“We don’t talk, nothing. The only time I see my ex-wife is in court...

"Kate wanted a divorce, so she came to me. She didn’t want to be married anymore because I didn’t want to film anymore. I wasn’t part of the business model anymore.”

Jon Gosselin, Son

Jon, who is an active father in the lives of kids Hannah and Collin these days, but who has no real contact with his other six children, concluded as follows on the talk show:

"I think fame is worse than money. Fame’s different only because fame … things are given to you. You’re held to a higher standard. You’re put on a pedestal … the attention, it’s almost like a drug.

"Like an addiction. And once you have that, and that lifestyle, you can see certain tendencies in people. It just … it feeds and feeds and feeds."

Somewhere, Kate Gosselin is still hungry, too.

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