Jon Gosselin: Collin Wants Nothing to Do With Abusive Kate!

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In a sense, you've gotta hand it to Jon Gosselin.

The man never holds back when speaking his mind, and while that's not always a good thing, it has helped him remain semi-relevant years after his creer as a reality star dried up.

Jon Gosselin and Son Collin

Jon got engaged to Colleen Conrad this week, but if you thought the newly re-domesticated Jonny G would ease up on trash-talking his first wife, you've got another thing coming.

Jon and his new boo stepped out for some sort of red carpet charity event last night.

(Yes, it seems DJ Jon Gosselin still gets invited to things. Who knew?)

While in attendance, Jon spoke with The Ashley's Reality Roundup, and did he have some things to say about Kate?

Jon Gosselin and Just 2 Kids

You better believe he had some things to say about Kate!

As you may know, Jon's son Collin is living with him after spending time in a group home-like facility.

Kate has stated that Collin has "special needs," and while Jon doesn't deny that, he says the 15-year-old is perfectly capable of living at home and attending public school -- as long as Kate's not around to stress him out.

Is that fair? Not really -- but maybe all is fair in custody and war ... or something.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad, Date Night Photo 2019

“Collin’s not talking to [Kate] or the other siblings right now, but [my daughter] Hannah who lives with me is in touch with her brothers and sisters,” Jon told The Ashley of the two teens who live with him.

“We’re trying to work through that right now but it’s hard. You can’t force it.”

Yes, it sounds like for the first time in a long time, life is on the upswing for Jon.

This could all just be his way of subtly shading Kate, but for Collin's sake, we hope things are really going this well:

Jon Gosselin, Collin Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad

“This year’s been great. It’s been overwhelming but it’s been good,” Jon told The Ashley.

“Collin’s in public school, he’s doing amazing. He’s so smart.”

Gosselin went on to say that Collin is not just surviving in his new environment, but thriving:

“He was excited about everything [after he came to live with me],” Jon said.

Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of Freshman Year

“He was excited to have a phone, and social media because he wasn’t allowed to have that before. But we’ve weened that, because [getting] everything all at once can be very traumatic and overwhelming."

And it seems all that freedom at home has translated to increased success at school:

“Now he’s in the JROTC [Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps] program at school so that’s very organized and keeps everything on schedule for him,” Jon added.

See? This is the kind of story that makes you feel good on two levels:

Not only is Collin doing well after some recent struggles, but this whole situation probably pisses Kate off, and Kate is awful.

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