Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad: Engagement Plans Revealed!

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Recently, Jon Gosselin spoke about his kids and giving space to those who want it. He also explained how custody and visiation work right now.

In a new report, Jon is opening up about his girlfriend, Colleen.

Together, they have created a wonderful and loving home for their blended family. So ... what are their engagement plans?

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad, Date Night Photo 2019

In Touch Weekly spoke to Jon Gosselin recently, and he opened up about his engagement plans with girlfriend Colleen Conrad.

Jon says that the topic has come up, but "We just look at each other like ‘Eh.’"

"Because we’re both divorced," he explains, speaking of both him and Colleen.

He reasons: "So … Is there a point?"

Jon Gosselin Colleen Conrad In The Crowd

"We love each other,” Jon affirms.

That much has been incredibly clear over the years.

He adds: “We’re committed to each other."

It sounds like he did not see any need to make things more official than that, and like Colleen feels the exact same way.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad, All Dressed Up

Jon and Colleen may be more relatable to many longtime fans than Kate.

Two divorced parents with baggage and kids of their own, living together and forming a blended family? Happens all of the time.

After being in this serious relationship for years, Jon has had plenty of time to bond with Colleen's kids.

About a year ago, he even helped her son move into college. Classic "mom's boyfriend" stuff.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad on Vacation

Colleen has fully reciprocated, and that has been a little more visible to longtime followers of the Gosselin family.

Last year, Hannah breathed free air for the first time in her life, escaping from Kate's clutches 

Months later, Jon was finally able to rescue his son, Collin, from the institution that some fans had dubbed "Baby Jail."

Both teens are now attending high school and living with Jon and Colleen.

Jon Gosselin for 2019

Colleen isn't just their roommate, either.

She's Jon's partner. The two love to vacation, so when they go on family trips, Hannah and Collin are part of that.

She has opened up her home and also her hear to Jon's children.

Together, she and Jon have provided them with a nurturing, emotionally healthy environment that they could never have had at Kate's.

Jon Gosselin, Collin and Colleen

Jon has also recently spoken about his children.

Collin and Hannah are doing well in school. That's right -- all of the sextuplets are now high school students.

As teens, it's the kids who decide their own custody, and Collin and Hannah are of course grateful to be living with their dad.

They left behind a lot of potential money to get to live normal, healthy lives, away from Kate and cameras.

Mady Gosselin and Cara Gosselin Are Excited

Of course, the twins Cara and Mady are now university students.

Naturally, Kate was sure to monetize their move-in to college. We would expect nothing less.

The two of them have a particularly hostile relationship with Jon, who avoids speaking of them in the press.

He doesn't want to apply pressure to his estranged children. He just wants them to come around on their own and see that he's not the villain.

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