Johnny Depp: Dumped By Russian Girlfriend Amid Booze, Money Woes?

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Some of our younger readers might not remember this, but there was a time when the name Johnny Depp was synonymous with cool.

Not too many '90s heartthrobs got to party with Hunter S. Thompsom and jam with Keith Richards, but Depp was many things to many people.

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These days, sadly, Depp's name conjures images of dissolution, premature decrepitude, and nasty brawls of both the legal and physical varieties.

Currently, the actor is locked in an increasingly ugly lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million dollars, claiming that she violated a non-disclosure agreement with a Washington Post essay in which she described herself as an abuse victim.

The actress never mentioned Depp by name, but the image of Heard's black eye -- which she claims to have sustained in an altercation with Depp -- was no doubt fresh in the minds of many readers.

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The court case has seen both sides hurl some potentially devastating accusations, and insiders say the situation has been emotionally draining for Johnny.

A recent report from Radar Online claims that there are fears about Depp drinking himself to death, as he the 56-year-old has been partying harder than ever in recent months.

One source claims this troubling behavior was on full display during a recent public appearance Depp made at an undisclosed location:

“Johnny was still ordering vodka to his room by the bottle at 3 a.m. the night before a recent red-carpet event,”

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“He was gulping the booze during the event from a coffee cup. It was wild! His security guys had to try and keep him steady on his feet.”

Obviously, we have no way of knowing the extent of Depp's alcohol intake, but whatever is going in his life these days, it seems was all a bit too much for Polina Glen.

Depp and Glen started dating back in April, but it seems the Russian ballerina quickly found Johnny's life a tad overwhelming.

“Polina hated the attention the relationship was bringing her and found it scary," one insider tells Radar.

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"She’s now keeping her head down in Russia and told Johnny plans to get married were madness,” the source adds.

This story is accompanied by a whole lot of bonkers rumors about how Johnny's dire financial straits have forced him to seek out some very strange business partnerships, which is why he's spending so much time in Moscow these days.

But we'll leave the Russian collusion investigation to the pros.

Besides, it's not like you need an elaborate conspiracy theory to see how Polina might have been a bit put off by the gnarled mess that is Depp's current life.

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“His level of celebrity and his ongoing battle with Amber grew too much for her," says the source.

"Johnny has been distracted by his feud with Amber and she didn’t think the time was right for them to commit to anything,” 

Normally, moving back to Russia after spending six months living in a Hollywood mansion would seem like a step down, but we think Polina actually made the right call here.

Besides, we hear summer in St. Petersburg is beautiful -- unfortunately, it's like three hours in mid-July.

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