Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt Hold Halloween Seance, Contact Hugh Hefner

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As we all know, Holly Madison and Hugh Hefter had a complicated, bitter history before the controversial media magnate's death in 2017.

But now, two years after his passing, she is ready to make peace.

Together with Bridget Marquardt and a medium, she participated in a Halloween seance with the intention of contacting the late legend.

Holly Madison, 2019 Halloween seance

Holly Madison discussed her plans with E! News on the Wednesday before Halloween.

"I had this dream about him shortly after he died," Holly revealed the day before the seance.

It was a dream "where I went to the mansion and he came down the stairs with his arms wide open."

"And he gave out his big laugh, it’s like this giant cackle that he had," Holly described.

Holly and Hef

"And he goes, ‘My darling!’ and he gave me a big hug and I could smell his cologne and I could feel the texture of his jacket," Holly recalled.

"It just felt so real," she expressed.

"When I woke up," Holly continued. "It felt like that wasn’t just a dream, that was something more."

"That’s what I would ask him," she concluded. "If that was a dream or if he really came to say goodbye."

It's Holly Madison

There was another motive for conducting the seance, however.

It turns out that the womens suspect that Holly's house is haunted.

Bridget, who is dating Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans, believes that spirits are terrorizing Holly.

The plan was to ask these unseen forces to give Holly some peace.

Holly and Hef Photo

How did the seance go?

Well, it sounds like it went pretty well.

They livestreamed the entire thing on YouTube if you have more than an hour's time to watch them and this very nice witch perform the ceremony.

Bridget says that their mission to contact Hugh's spirit as well as various others was a success. Holly asked that the ghosts not damage her home.

Holly Madison Attends Launch of of Jennifer Lopez's residency 'JENNIFER LOPEZ: ALL I HAVE' at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Apparently, the women heard from Hugh's spirit, and it did sound like the rift was mended between Holly and her departed ex.

Bridget reported that Hugh revealed to Holly that he periodically checks in on her life and her well-being from beyond the grave.

There were no weird special effects -- overturned tables or flickering lights -- because this was not a movie.

And it sounds like Holly was happy to hear from him, despite their complicated history.

Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner, Sheila Levell

Holly and Bridget were two of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends featured on the reality series, Girls Next Door.

However, Holly accused Hugh of being emotionally and verbally abusive during their relationship.

She has spoken and written about her experiences at the Playboy Mansion, creating tension and a feud with fellow ex Kendra Wilkinson.

Now, it sounds like Holly is at peace.

It is not, of course, our place to tell anyone what to believe about ghosts, the afterlife, seances, or mediums.

However, suffice it to say that one might believe in any or all of those without necessarily believing that every ghost story or seance is real.

Some would say that Holly should have accepted the dream by itself and let it slide. Others would say that it's just a dream.

But maybe Holly's sense of peace is more important than what anyone else believes, you know?

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