Demi Lovato Goes Public with New Boyfriend, Some Fans Think It's Justin Bieber

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The last time we wrote about Demi Lovato, we mentioned how her social media account got hacked and nude photos of the singer released.

This was a major invasion of privacy.

Now, in sort of related news, the artist has gone public with someone who is currently seeing her nude very often -- much to Demi's delight.

Demi Lovato, Way Up Close

This is a long-winded and possibly inappropriate way of saying that Lovato has made her brand new relationship Instagram official.

The 27-year-old star alerted her millions of followers to the romantic presence of Austin Wilson in her life on Wednesday morning, posting a lovely picture of the couple that showed Wilson giving his leading lady a smooch on the cheek.

"My [heart]...," Lovato captioned the sweet snapshot.

As you can see below, Wilson has short hair, lots of tattoos and isn't wearing a shirt.

Demi Lovato, Boyfriend

So now you know why many folks out there had to do a double take before realizing this was NOT a photo of Justin Bieber giving Lovato an  unexpected kiss.

Wilson also confirmed this fresh romance via his own Instagram account.

The 25-year-old shared an image in which he can be seen wrapping his arm around the two-time Grammy nominee.

Lovato was last romantically linked to The Bachelorette castoff Mike Johnson, and famously dated Wilmer Valderrama for about six years prior to their tragic break-up. 

Austin Wilson

The obvious question that now remains is this:


Here's what we have gathered about him, courtesy of the Internet and a bit of investigative reporting:

First, the guy has a ton of tattoos. Yes, this is evident based on the photos shared above, we know.

Demi Lovato Says Hi

But let's get more specific, shall we?

Among other artwork, Wilson has a cross tattooed on his left temple... a spade symbol with wings on his neck... “Forever Grateful” on his chest... a portrait of Marilyn Monroe on his right arm... a large butterfly on his abs ... and “Stay Gold” on his knuckles.

Lovato also has many tattoos.

Wilson is also a model.

Demi Lovato

The stud muffin has appeared in advertisements for brands including the men’s urban clothing label Konus and the men’s skincare line Baxter of California.

Also similar to his new girlfriend, Wilson often changes up his hair color -- based on his Instagram account, Austin has rocked black, brown and blond hair.

Most recently, he rocked neon pink.

As for how he and Lovato met?

Demi on Instagram

We don't know for certain.

However, Demi and Austin were close friends with model Thomas Trussell III, who passed away in October from a drug overdose at age 31.

They both paid tribute to Trussell on Instagram after his death and may have bonded over this tragic event.

Demi Lovato is Blonde-ish

Lovato, meanwhile, recently spoke candidly spoke at Teen Vogue's 2019 Summit in Los Angeles.

"I've never been more in tune with who I am than where I'm at today," she told attendees, calling the past 12 months "very introspective" and adding:

"I have to be OK with where [my body] is at in this moment. I don't have to lie to myself and tell myself I have this amazing body. All I have to say is I'm healthy… I'm healthy and I accept for the way that it is today in this moment without changing anything... 

"I love the person that I am today."

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