Aaron Carter Rushed to ER; Mom Blames Brother Nick Carter

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For months, Aaron Carter has claimed to be totally fine even as fans grew increasingly alarmed that his health may be backsliding.

Unfortunately, it appears that the fears of those who love him have been confirmed.

Aaron has now been hospitalized, and his mother has shared a photo with the world.

Aaron Carter Hospitalized in November, 2019

In the early afternoon of Thursday, November 14, Aaron Carter's Instagram updated with this photo of him in the hospital.

"Mommas gonna take care of you," the caption reads.

While that caption would be a little odd coming from Aaron himself, it seems clear that this was his mother updating his Instagram.

We are glad that he is in the capable hands of medical professionals during this health crisis, and that he has family by his side.

Aaron Carter Tattoo

Aaron Carter's mom, Jane Carter, spoke to TMZ about her son's condition.

On Thursday, he arrived at her home in Florida.

At first glance, she could tell that he appeared to be dangerously underweight.

Aaron now weighs 115 pounds, she reveals. That is an alarming weight for a man his height. Aaron once weighed 160.

Aaron Carter Cries

Aaron's blood pressure has been tested.

TMZ reports that he is currently connected to equipment that monitors his heartrate.

Jane says that she took no chances when it came to her son's health.

She drove him to the ER herself. Better safe today than sorry forever.

Aaron Carter Face Tattoo

Jane says that Aaron's poor physical health was brought on, at least in part, by recent family drama.

Both Nick and Angel Carter, Aaron's siblings, have taken out restraining orders against Aaron, alleging that he is unstable and has been making threats.

In September, Nick took this legal measure after claiming that Aaron threatened to murder his then-pregnant wife.

And Angel took out one of her own after a disturbing phone call in which she reports that Aaron threatened to have her killed by hitmen.

Aaron Carter Weight Gain

Aaron's mental and physical health have been major concerns for countless fans.

For years, Aaron insisted that his extremely slender body was the result of physical ailments only.

However, more recently, the singer admitted that he has struggled with body image and has an eating disorder.

Could it be that stress related to family drama has exacerbated his health struggles? That is what his mother believes.

Aaron Carter, Gray Sweats

We have included both older photos of Aaron at his skinniest and healthier pictures from after he began to put on weight.

Aaron has hearings scheduled for next week to address his family's restraining orders.

When people are under an extraordinary amount of stress, personal struggles -- from eating disorders to addictions -- can resurface.

Someone who has experienced disordered eating may sometimes find themselves again limiting their food intake in order to feel a measure of control.

Aaron Carter Shirtless Bedtime Selfie

Some cynics may suggest that this hospitalization is merely an attempt at a "stalling tactic" 

But honestly? That doesn't make much sense.

Dramatically losing weight and being hospitalized for it is not an ironclad defense against accusations of instability.

Besides, Aaron has stated that Nick's restraining order is an attempt to defame him after he publicly sided with Nick's #metoo accusers.

No matter what comes of the sibling feud and court cases, we hope that Aaron makes a swift and full recovery.

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