Teresa Giudice: After Joe, I Just Want a Mega-Rich Sugar Daddy!

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It's not super surprising that Teresa Giudica doesn't give a flip about Joe's deportation. She's processed that reality and moved on.

In fact, she moved on to a boy toy nearly half her age -- but that's not her endgame.

A new report says that Teresa is looking to be taken care of. She's looking for, well, a sugar daddy.

Teresa Giudice Promotes RHONJ

An insider close to the The Real Housewives of New Jersey star spoke to RadarOnline to shed some light on Teresa's new romantic goals.

"Teresa has said that she wants to date a rich man now," the insider reveals.

The source explains: "She wants someone to take care of her."

"Teresa says she needs a guy with his own money," the insider adds. "And a lot of it."

"She is not going to support a guy," the source adds.

Teresa Giudice on Watch What Happens

"Teresa has said she wants to find a new companion," the insider emphasizes.

The source describes her dreamboat as "a wealthy man who has the means to give her the lifestyle she wants."

Speaking of that lifestyle, the insider adds: "and thought she had with Joe." Ouch.

It's pretty standard to want to continue living in the manner to which you have become accustomed -- so long as that manner is good.

Now, Bravo shells out massive six- and seven-figure paychecks for Housewives. But maybe that's not enough.

Teresa Giudice Chills Out

"She doesn’t really want to work as hard as she is working," the source reveals.

According to the insider: "She wants to enjoy life."

The source adds that she wants to do so "with a man who can afford to do nice things with her."

Plenty of people want to be taken care of -- especially in this hellish economy.

But Teresa isn't just a Millennial desperately treading water in the hopes of one day attaining financial stability.

She has set her sights higher than getting her rent and student loans paid.

Teresa Giudice Pose

"Teresa wants a guy who is going to shower her with jewelry, cars, trips," the insider states.

In other words, the source says, she wants "all of the things she hasn’t had in years."

The insider notes that Teresa has gone without "because Joe has been locked up."

And while having fun with a young hottie was, well, fun, she's getting serious about the lifestyle that she wants to lead, and prioritizing it over sex appeal.

Again, the insider emphasizes: "Teresa wants something new, a rich man."

T. Giudice

We do want to take a moment to clarify that it doesn't sound like Teresa is literally looking for a sugar daddy.

In terms of sex work, sugar daddies are professional sexual relationships involving exchanging sex, photos, videos, and attention for money and gifts.

While some may cynically view dating and marriage through that lens, marriage is usually intended to be a union based upon love.

Not everyone is looking for love, and that's valid. But we imagine that Teresa's alleged statements have been taken out of context.

Of course she misses her old lifestyle and wants a man who wants to treat her and has the funds to do so.

But she probably also wants love, you know?

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