Snooki Calls BS on Jersey Shore Editing: MTV is Making Me Look Bad!

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Snooki has become the latest reality star to complain about how she's been depicted on television.

But might she actually have a point here?

Let's see what she has to say on the matter...

snooki and jwoww

Last Thursday night, MTV aired perhaps the most contentious episode in Jersey Shore history.

The installment centered on the feud between Angelina and JWoww, which had been building for multiple weeks after the latter's boyfriend very clearly hit on the former.

At a dinner with all cast members present, Angelina and JWoww went back and forth over whether this flirtation was encouraged by Angelina and whether or not she had even kissed JWoww's man at a nightclub in Las Vegas.

$hit got ugly, you guys.

And Snooki was dragged into it at one point after Angelina gave her grief for allegedly sending her nasty text messages about the situation.


Taking to social media to live tweet her opinions while the episode was airing, Snooki wrote the following:

"Editing on a reality show is a bitch. I will speak the truth one day with a full, tell-all documentary. Until then, enjoy your pinot and dramer!"

To what she referring?

Snooki stormed out of the house on this episode, screaming at Angelina in the process:

She's so f-cking fake! I'm going home. F-ck you. I'm going home.

Snooki Tears Up

According to Snooki, she actually walked out of the house four times following her screaming match with Pivarnick, not just once.

"Very dramatic, stomping and grabbing my bag," she tweeted, adding that she pulls the "I'm going home" card every season "because I wanna be with my kids. I do it every season. Ask MTV. It's a thing."

Social media users weren't really buying this explanation, however.

They wanted to know specifically why Snooki grew so angry at Angelina.

"Cause I hung out with her right before we moved into PP, we drank till 4am together and she didn't tell me she had an issue with me until we moved into the house on cameras," replied the star.

Snooki at 2018 VMAs

When someone else asled, "Why r u leaving? You can't just storm out take what u dished out boo stop being two faced," Snooki responded as follows:

"Yes I can. I was drunk and missed my one month old baby. I can absolutely storm out as I please."

Snooki went on to say she wishes she had flipped a table on Angelina, just like Teresa Giudice did back in the day on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In the end, however, Snooki didn't come across as angry enough at producers to not tease future episodes ("Keep watching mawma every JERZDAY at 8pm only on mtv!") and concluded by alerting followers to her status:

Snooki on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

I'm actually bombed off wine. And I don't feel stupid. It's not that serious. And I will always love and be there for my Jwoww.

Obviously, there's nothing new about reality stars griping about editing.

But Snooki's case is unique for a couple of reasons:

For starters, Nicole has been in the spotlight for nearly a decade, and this is the first time she's lashed out at the producers who made her famous.

On top of that, stars usually complain that the editing made them out to look more dramatic than they actually are.

Snooki VMAs 2016

In a refreshing change of pace, however, Snooki says the editing on Shore didn't give her credit for being dramatic enough.

Well, since last week's episode marked the first time all season that any actual drama took place, maybe the editors didn't know what to do with it.

Here's hoping Nicole and company will continue to do deliver the goods.

And if she wants to keep drunkenly live-tweeting every episode, that would be alright with us, too.

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