Kate Gosselin: Caught LYING About Relationship With Hannah!

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Last week, we all saw video of Kate Gosselin claiming she's totally cool with Hannah avoiding her like the plague.

A new report claims that Kate's claim was like the contents of the Mother's Day cards she receives -- nothing but polite lies.

Apparently, Hannah has skipped out on these family trips because Kate straight-up does not tell her about them or invite her.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin

"So I noticed Hannah’s not here right now," a producer observed to Kate in the Kate Plus 8 clip.

(Seriously, when are they going to change that show's name to something more mathematically accurate?)

"She’s with her dad," Kate explained. "And she was not able to come,”

“And that’s sad," she added after a pause.

Kate then accused: "That’s the second trip here, actually, for us that she hasn’t been with us."

Kate Gosselin Looks Upset

"Hannah … it was sad for us because … you know, they’re getting older," Kate later explained while speaking to the camera.

"And they’re making different choices," she acknowledged. "And they’re doing different things."

A lot of control freaks have trouble letting go of total micromanagement.

"And she opted to stay back with her dad, actually," Kate stated.

She then added: "Which again, you know, her choice."

Kate Gosselin Recoils in Horror

"Whatever," Kate expressed.

Fun fact! People saying whatever is not 

"It’s not optimal for Mom," she admitted.

Kate then claimed: "But it’s something that I support,”

“And you know," she concluded. "We just adjust and move on."

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of High School

An inside source tells RadarOnline that Kate has been everything but supportive of Hannah.

"Kate saying she is supportive of Hannah is outrageous!” the insider exclaimed.

Apparently, claims that they retain much of a bond at all are nothing short of absurd.

According to the source: “She has not given her a birthday present."

"She didn’t even tell Hannah about all of these family trips," the insider adds.

Just for the record, if you're a parent, even if your 14 year old (wisely) wants nothing to do with you, you still owe them a birthday present.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, Go Eagles

Another report recently described their actual relationship.

"[She] rarely sees or talks with Hannah," the insider described. "But they do have some contact.”

“Jon allows her to go over anytime she wants," the source noted.

The insider then concluded: "but Kate never asks her to come."

Jon has stated in the past that he does insist that his kids maintain relationships with their siblings, but that he understands if they don't want to speak to him.

Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of Freshman Year

So why is Jon so chill about some kids not talking to him while Kate seems considerably unchill about Hannah and Collin breathing free air?

Well, Jon understands that he made some major screwups. It is 100% valid for his kids to be angry with him.

He also understands that the majority of his kids are living in a toxic household under Kate's tyrranical rule.

Kids under the influence of a parent like Kate can be expected to nod and gree with them. It's a survival mechanism.

That Hannah and Collin broke free shows their extraordinary courage. Not every child is brave enough to defy a tyrant.

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