Jon Gosselin Romances Colleen Conrad Amid Ongoing Kate Drama

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While reality TV villain Kate Gosselin continues to exploit her (remaining) children, Jon Gosselin is living his life.

He's not a reality star anymore and it doesn't sound like he wants to be. At least, he doesn't want that for his children.

While Kate is bogged down in well-deserved drama, Jon and his longtime girlfriend, Colleen, just enjoyed a romantic date night.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad, Date Night Photo 2019

Jon Gosselin uploaded this cozy and sweet photo of him with his girlfriend, Colleen Confrad.

"Last night’s Date night pic!!!" he writes in the caption of the Instagram pic.

Jon clearly cannot resist gushing over her, writing: "I Love this woman!!!"

He has made that clear -- and she has made it equally clear that she returns his affections.

Finding love again can be difficult, but fans are overjoyed to see Jon and Colleen as such a happy couple.

Jon Gosselin summer 2019 collage

Jon also shared a retrospective collage of what he's been up to with his loved ones.

"Summer 2019," he labels the collection of photos in his Instagram captions.

"We had some great memories with family and friends," Jon affirms.

Then, speaking to his photographed loved ones and perhaps even to his fans, he writes: "Love you all!!!!"

It's very sweet that he ends so many posts with declarations of love.

Jon Gosselin Colleen Conrad In The Crowd

Colleen, who is a registered nurse, and Jon have been dating for about five years, now.

You know that things are going well when a couple moves in together.

But you really know that things are serious when one party agrees to help take in and support not one, but two teens.

Hannah Gosselin left her siblings, her reality TV career, and a lot of potential money to breathe free air with her dad.

And Collin, well, Jon sprung him out of the institution to which Kate had banished him.

Jon Gosselin Colleen Conrad Beach Hot Tub

To hear Kate describe Collin's "special needs," you'd think that he was setting his siblings on fire or boiling squirrels like one of those demon baby movies.

Instead, he just has ADHD like so many of us, and Kate interpreted his distracted nature and executive dysfunction as defiance.

Which is probably why Kate felt justified inflicting violence upon him for years before shuttling him off to live in isolation from his family.

It sounds like Collin is doing incredibly well now that he's in a loving environment and not living under the thumb of a totalitarian monster.

That's not surprising. Kids do better when they're not being abused.

Colleen Conrad

In contrast, Collin and Hannah have enjoyed vacations with Jon and Colleen.

It must be a major adjustment to go on vacation when the only cameras following you are on your family members' phones.

That doesn't mean that Jon and Colleen don't take the time to enjoy themselves on date nights and romantic getaways.

One of the nice things about having 14-year-olds instead of kids who are, say, 8 years old or newborns, is that they can handle a night or few days without you.

Jon and Colleen are creating a loving environment in which Hannah and Collin can grow and, of course, heal from years of trauma.

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