Jon Gosselin: I'm Trying to Protect My Kids From Their Mother!

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Even though Kate Gosselin keeps exploiting her remaining kids for cash, it doesn't sound like Jon is interested in the reality business.

For the moment, he is focused on making sure that Hannah and Collin have a stable home and continue to excel at school.

He wants what's best for them, and that means having normal teenage experiences instead of serving as cash cows for either parent.

Jon Gosselin, Collin Gosselin, Hannah Gosselin, and Colleen Conrad

An inside source has opened up to HollywoodLife about Jon Gosselin and his plans for Hannah and Collin.

Unlike his tyrannical ex-wife, he actually gives them choices in life, but he does have an idea for their high school experiences.

"Jon only wants what’s best for kids," the insider affirms.

"And," the source continues, he is "working so hard to protect his kids."

Being on camera as babies is generally harmless. Spending a decade and a half as reality stars is not.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of High School

And neither is growing up with Kate for a mother.

Instead of micromanaging Hannah and Collin's activities, interests, and thoughts, he just takes an interest in them.

"Jon keeps up on everything going on in all his children’s lives," the insider states.

The source adds that, at least, he does "the very best he can."

Not all of his children are so easy for him to talk to.

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, Road Trip

The insider acknowledges: "but he mainly focuses on the two he has at home."

The source explains that, quite simply, this is "because he knows what’s going on with them."

Like the other four sextuplets, Collin and Hannah are 15 years old.

But the other four are still living with Kate, so there's more than just teenage moodiness that stops them from telling him about their days.

Jon knows that his relationship with some of his kids remains strained, but he makes sure that Hannah and Collin keep in touch with their siblings.

Jon Gosselin and Collin Gosselin, First Day of High School

"Hannah and Colin are both doing amazing because of Jon," the insider reveals.

"They’re both really good students," the source emphasizes.

"And they’re doing well," the insider adds. "Despite everything going on with their mother."

Kate continues her reality career, using Kate Plus 8 (which should really be Kate Plus 4 at this point) to continue to talk over her subjects, er, children.

She is also embroiled in a scandal as she allegedly went forward with filming even after the Department of Labor denied her filming permits.

A judge's opinion was that filming was not in the best interests of her minor children, but allegedly she and TLC figured that they'd just film anyway and pay a fine.

Jon Gosselin Colleen Conrad Beach Hot Tub

On a more positive note, Jon and his girlfriend Colleen Conrad have created a lovely and shockingly normal home.

“He’s built a great life for them," the source expresses.

"And they love to go to the beach, the city," the insider shares. "And love traveling together."

The source observes: "He really lets them have a normal childhood."

At least, as normal as it can be when you're from a famous reality family, you just escaped from your mother, and one of you was locked in an institution without a satisfactory explanation.

Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, First Day of Freshman Year

Jon may be continuing to bond with Hannah and Collin, but he's not playing favorites.

They're simply the kids who have managed to break free from Kate's alleged emotional abuse and chosen to live with him.

"Jon would love a relationship with all of his children," the insider affirms.

"But," the source admits. "Kate makes it challenging."

Take away two of somebody's beloved geese that lay golden eggs, and she's not going to make it easier for you to come fo the rest of the flock.

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