Joe Giudice: I Wanna Divorce Teresa for Cheating on Me!

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Bravo shelled out a major incentive package to bribe Teresa Giudice into reuniting with Joe in Italy.

But though Teresa has seemed reluctant to spend time with Joe, a report says that she's no longer the one pushing for a divorce.

After the way that she openly cheated on him with her Miami boy toy, Joe wants out of that marriage so that he can move on.

Teresa Giudice and Joe on Bravo

RadarOnline reports that Joe Giudice has resolved to divorce Teresa, and it's about more than being separated by an ocean.

"Joe wants a divorce,” the insider begins.

“He is so mad at Teresa for cheating," the source explains.

The insider emphasizes that Joe is fuming over Teresa cheating "while he was locked up and left to rot in prison."

Teresa was, of course, spotted with Blake Scheck, a much younger boy toy, on what looked like multiple romantic getaways.

Teresa Giudice Chills Out

"Joe is really mad at her for being so awful," the source continues.

It's not clear if he's angrier about the cheating ... or the fact that she was photographed with the guy in question.

Humiliation can be harder to swallow than infidelity.

The insider shares that "Joe told her not to post any pictures of him."

The source explains that the ban on photos is "because he is so mad at her."

Teresa Giudice Hold Hands

Joe is currently in Naples and very excited to see his four daughters. Gia announced the family trip on Instagram.

We have already heard reports that Joe's family is encouraging him to not see Teresa in Italy.

"Joe’s mother wants him to divorce Teresa from Italy," the insider reveals.

Divorce can be massively complicated, especially for affluent parents of four.

An international divorce sounds like a real headache.

Teresa Giudice on Watch What Happens

It has long been rumored that Teresa was planning to divorce Joe as soon as he was out from behind bars.

Now, however, she has reportedly changed her tune, and no longer wants to end their marriage.

Is she still in love with Joe? Not necessarily. Her reason is said to be far more pragmatic.

The source claims that Teresa "doesn’t want to give Joe any of the money she has worked so hard to earn while he was in prison."

You know what? That makes sense.

Joe Giudice on Way to Court

Teresa's attorney released an alternative view of the cozy photos of Teresa and Blake in Miami.

"This is a story about someone helping a woman who had some wine and was wearing high heels to her car," her attorney claims.

"That’s what you see in those pictures," the statement insists.

Her attorney alleges that "There is no cheating, no divorce, no scandal, and no story."

Incidentally, that only "explains" away one of the sightings of the two of them together. There were more.

Joe Giudice Lost Weight

Joe's brother Peter has openly declined to defend Teresa when asked on the subject.

Instead, he deflected to his brother, Joe.

"That’s his thing," Peter said. "Let him figure it out."

That is an extremely healthy attitude. Each couple must decide on their own how to respond to cheating -- alleged or otherwise.

And we can all agree that Teresa and Joe were experiencing some special circumstances, right?

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