Jenni Farley: ROASTED By Fans For Taking Zack Carpinello Back!

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When Jenni Farley revealed that she'd started dating a much younger man with entertainment industry ambitions just months after her separation from Roger Mathews, there was widespread suspicion that this guy might not be on the up-and-up.

Then "24" made his television debut and all our worst fears were confirmed:

Jennifer Farley and Clayton Carpinello at the VMAs

In case you haven't heard, in just his second episode of Shore, Zack Carpinello groped Angelina Pivarnick while a drunken JWoww slept one off just inches away.

Jenni was apparently kept in the dark about this incident for several months and only found out about it when the episode aired.

At that point, Farley promptly dumped Carpinello for his skeevy behavior, an action that was universally applauded by Shore fans.

Unfortunately, days later, Jenni took Zack back.

Zack and JWoww

For the most part, Farley has avoided criticism throughout her decade in the spotlight.

So the amount of criticism she's taking at the moment probably comes as something of an uncomfortable shock:

"WOW!!!! Now we know why [you're] still fighting with [Angelina Pivarnick]. [You're] back with that loser of a boyfriend. Stupid!!" one hater tweeted this week. 

"Now that you took back 24, the sociopath, does that mean you forgive Angeliners and are [willing] to share him next time he tries to smash her in front of you?" another remarked, adding:

Jenni Farley and Zack Clayton Carpinello

"Girl, Roger [Mathews] was a cheater and so is this guy. Get a CLUE. And stop introducing losers to your kids."

That advice is harsh but sound!

The theme of Jenni's alleged hypocrisy in forgiving 24 but not Angelina was a recurring one:

"[You would] think if she forgave one she [would] forgive the other, but in this case she only blames Angelina. That's convenient for her," one tweeter opined.

"I'm sorry but you are delusional for taking that guy back!" wrote another.

Jennifer Farley and Clayton Carpinello

"If he did that to you with your own roommate, basically a family member in front of you, what makes you think he isn't doing same crap behind your back? What makes you think he's ready to be 'step daddy'? Come on girl!"

Others found the whole situation suspicious:

"He trying to make it to another season," one critic remarked.

"She's so dumb, he's totally a disrespectful douchebag who's using her to get fame. Shame on her for setting that example for her daughter," another said.

"[Jenni] are you forgiving [Angelina] also? Or just that creeper? Oh wait, it's all for ratings. Got it," a third remarked.

Zack Carpinello, Angelina Pivarnick

Normally, we would be dismissive of the "ratings ploy" theory in the case of a show like Shore, which is already well-established and owes its popularity as much to its comedy as to its drama.

But in this case -- it really does feel like something is up.

With Mike Sorrentino behind bars and Snooki mostly sidelined by pregnancy, Shore has been at its weakest this season.

If ever there were a time for JWoww to pull some sort of stunt to stir up drama with one of her castmates, it's now.

Or maybe we're just overthinking the situation because we're still so shocked that she would give this d-bag another chance.

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