Jana Duggar Accidentally Reveals What She and Her Sisters Wear at the Beach ... And It's Utterly Ridiculous

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Hey, did you know that Lake of the Ozarks has more miles of shoreline than the coast of California?

Yeah, despite that fun fact, the Midwest isn't exactly known for its picturesque beaches, which is why we rarely see the Duggars sporting swimwear.

Jana in CA

Actually, that's just one reason.

Remember when Jessa Duggar wore a swimsuit back in 2015 (throwback pic below), and fans lost their minds because of the insane amount of fabric she (and her husband for that matter) is required to wear?

Yeah, it seems the Duggars learned their lesson in that moment and decided to keep their beach gear on the down-low for the next four years.

Jessa Duggar Swimsuit Photo

Luckily, and ridiculously for us, that impressive streak came to an end this week thanks to an Instagram story posted by Jana Duggar.

As you may have heard, the Duggars were in Los Angeles last week visiting Jinger Duggar (minus Jill and Derick, who are on the outs).

We imagine it was one "fish out of water" scenario after another, as the Duggars makes e no secret of their disdain for coastal elites.

Jana Duggar on the Beach

But the awkwardness of the Duggars' trip to La-La-Land was never more evident than when the family actually got close to water.

That's when we learned that the infamous Duggar dress code is alive and well ... and still so amazingly ridiculous.

As you can see, the ladies of the famous family are sporting quite a few layers given that they're in Southern California:

Jana at the Beach

Perhaps anticipating that fans would notice their appearance and crack some jokes at their expense, Jana captioned her post:

"It’s a little cold out, but we’re still enjoying the beach!”

The pic doesn't come as a surprise, of course, as the Duggars rules regarding "modest attire" are the stuff of internet legend.

Duggar, Michelle

This is a family that generally forbids the wearing of pants - pants! - or dresses cut above the ankle (exaggerating, but only mildly).

So you can imagine the matriarch's take on actual swimsuits.

At one point, Michelle explained to the public that women in her family usually just avoid bodies of water altogether. It's just easier.

You don't want to inspire any impure thoughts, after all.

“We typically don’t go to the beach in the summertime," Michelle said, as though there's anything remotely sane about her family's dress code.

"And in general," she adds, "we don’t do a lot of swimming events."

What constitutes a swimming event, you might be wondering?

While it's one "where swimming suits are worn" and "it’s just too hard for the guys to try to keep their eyes averted in those situations.”

So there you have it, folks:

The family went to L.A. and spent all their time thinking about what effect they might be having on the genitals of passing strangers.

Until next time, everybody, this has been a riveting edition of The Duggars Are Weirdly Obsessed With Sex, Vol. 47 Bajillion.

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