Grey's Anatomy Recap: Amelia's Baby Daddy Revealed!

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If you were worried about waiting weeks for an answer about who the father of Amelia's baby is, then we have an answer!

Link is the lucky man, but what did it mean for their relationship?

Before dishing the goodies, Amelia said that she did not want to "fast track" their relationship. That made Link worry there was something else going on. 

Link Defends Amelia on Grey's Anatomy

Amelia wondered how to break the news to Link, worried that she would make a mistake. 

That's why she wondered whether to reveal it all by text. 

Thankfully,  Amelia later admitted the truth about the child and that she had previously lost one during a difficult pregnancy. 

“Hearing what you have survived, what I know I don’t want is for anything to hurt you," the doctor said.

Amelia is Mad on Grey's Anatomy

"That feels real to me … and everything that scares me suddenly feels irrelevant.“

"If you want to have this kid, I’ll suck up my fears, and I’ll be a dad. … And if you don’t want it, I’ll drive you to the appointment. I will be there for you in every way I possibly can.”

Amelia quickly changed course, saying that although she didn't think she wanted a child, they could attempt to make it work. 

At the hospital, Tom got into the elevator with Link and Owen -- the other two men who had slept with Amelia. 

Amelia and Link Get Closer

Tom wasted no time in telling them that he was the boss of the hospital or something. 

“Catherine made me god of this place, so practice kneeling.”

As for Meredith, well, she was struggling to do her community service without helping people. That's why she made a free clinic at the place, and sent off patients to Richard and Alex at PacNorth who required further assistance. 

Even more worrying was that she recruited Schmidt to get her medical supplies from the hospital. 

Meredith Celebrates the Dead

He worried that he was going to get in trouble. Mer's response?

"I own the hospital." Okay then. 

Meredith was caught diagnosing patients by her work-crew supervisor and ordered back to work, but not before Mer noticed a nodule on her neck. 

Meredith sent her straight to Jackson, who diagnosed her with thyroid cancer. The woman struggled because she didn't know how she was going to pay for treatment. 

If she couldn't work, she wouldn't be able to pay rent, so she would effectively be homeless. 

Meredith Dressed Up For Her Date

Meredith seemed happy that she actually managed to help people. 

“I keep coming across people who can’t get the help they need because of the same crap,” Mer told DeLuca after a long day. 

Meredith wanted to write a report on just how awful it has been for people. 

“You’re very sexy,” DeLuca said, “when you’re about to burn your whole life down.”

Meredith and DeLuca

That was a crazy installment. 

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Grey's Anatomy continues Thursday on ABC. 

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