Demi Lovato & Mike Johnson Are Getting Serious ... and Fans Are Shook!

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Folks, it's really happening.

Sure, there was widespread disappointment when the world learned that Mike Johnson would not be the next Bachelor, but silver linings don't get much brighter than this one.

Demi and Mike

As you may have heard, Demi Lovato expressed an interest in Mike with a flirtatious Instagram comment back while he was still competing for Hannah B.'s heart.

Mike didn't make it to the final four, and for a time he was the front-runner for the Bachelor gig, but producers decided to go with Peter Weber instead.

Despite those setbacks, everything is still coming up roses for Mike Johnson.

The flirtation began anew when Demi posted unedited bikini photos last month, and Mike eagerly expressed his approval.

Demi Lovato Unedited Bikini Pic

Still, it looked as though the situation would never progress beyond a racy Instagram back-and-forth.

Two weeks ago, however, everything changed when we learned that Mike and Demi are actually dating!

Yes, as far as we can tell, these two are not just hooking up, but actually going on dates together at the start of what may well be a developing relationship.

Johnson opened up about the situation in a recent interview on Ben Higgins' podcast.

Johnson, Mike

"We've gone on more than one date. I like her tattoos. We both have a lot of tattoos and she kisses really well," Mike said.

"I'm getting to know her for her."

Johnson went on to reveal that it was Lovato who made the first move:

"For one, I'm all about her too and she definitely was the aggressor. I find it incredibly sexy. I love that," he said.

"Like you want me, come at me. If I want you, I'm going to come at you and I'm coming at her as well."

Demi on Instagram

Asked about dating in the public eye, however, Mike admitted that the situation has presented some challenges.

"To be honest, I personally don't like it. I am very private with my relationships straight up," he said.

"But she's in this light and that's why I said she's so humble and I think the world of her because she has been able to have to deal with this crap. I can't even imagine from her perspective," he explained.

Fortunately, it seems he's figured out a solution to the problem -- just treat Demi like a regular civilian:

"She's a woman that I treat like a regular individual," Mike shared.

Mike Johnson Gets Interviewed

"I'm a man that she treats like a regular man and we do like each other and we're getting to know each other but what if it were not? People are going to speculate," he added.

"I would rather not have that but at the same time, I'm going to be smooth criminal when I walk through this path."

So yeah, it would've been great to see Mike as the first black Bachelor, and the show will still need to address its lack of diversity sometime in the very near future.

But, what's better -- remembering the names of 32 blondes who all tried to think of a unique way to jump out of a limo, or traveling the globe with the one of the world's most iconic pop stars?

You be the judge.

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