Dean McDermott: Mike Caussin and I Are Both Sex Addiction Victims!

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Fans are well aware of Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin's marriage and how Mike's alleged struggle with sex addiction has taken its toll.

Recently, they made headlines again, even though their marriage survived.

Now, Dean McDermott says that he sees a lot of parallels between Jana and Mike and where he and Tori were several years ago.

Tori and Dean McDermott

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin have been very open about their marital struggles, even doing a podcast to share their story.

In a new interview with Us Weekly this week, Dean McDermott discussed how that parallels his and Tori's short-lived reality series in 2014.

"When we did True Tori, that was one of our hopes," he expresses. "That it would help others."

"It certainly helped us," Dean affirms. He and Tori notably remain married.

Jana Kramer and Mike

Dean explains that doing a reality series about their struggles helped "because it got us into therapy a lot quicker."

"And," he recalls, that "sped up the process of dealing with this."

Dean credits reality TV, saying that they got a head start on mending their marriage "because we were doing a show around it."

There's nothing quite like a production schedule to keep you from putting off therapy appointments and the like, huh?

Dean McDermott with Wife

Dean thinks that, overall, their show's legacy did some good.

"It did help people," he opines.

That said, the 2014 reality show did not last very long, and he believes that he knows why.

Dean explains: "But I think it was a little too before its time."

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Together

"I don’t think people were ready for that kind of reality. …" Dean expresses.

Speaking of the show, he says: "It was really raw."

"And," he notes. "We were really vulnerable."

Well, when you famously cheat on your wife and you want viewers to have any hope of sympathizing with you, you have to be, right?

Tori and Dean in Hawaii

Dean then addresses Jana and Mike directly, seeing parallels in how this couple is airing their own dirty laundry and healing process.

He says that he is "hoping that for this couple, things have changed" in terms of how the public perceives them.

Dean hopes that people in general “are a little more open” to understanding “the trials and tribulations that they’re going through."

Clearly, Dean believes that the world was simply not ready to understand why he had cheated on Tori.

Jana Kramer Embraces Mike Caussin

It should be noted that "sex addiction" is not currently recognized by the greater psychological community.

While that does not necessarily mean that it's not a real thing, some feel that it is an excuse used by men who are exposed as cheaters.

Certainly, it seems like a get-out-of-jail free card to some critics, who feel that spending a few weeks in a spa-like environment with therapy is better than divorce.

That said, some, like, Mike Caussin, have taken the subject extremely seriously and worked earnestly to better themselves.

Spelling and McDermott

For those uncomfortable with the "sex addiction" label, something more apt might be an compulsion that can be addressed through therapy.

The treatment for addiction usually involves abstaining from something altogether -- traditionally, anyway.

In contrast, "addiction" to sex or food never comes with that sort of lifelong mandate.

Referring to an irresistible compulsion may help people understand that it's more than just an excuse.

Happy Anniversary to Mike and Jana!

Discovering underlying causes may do more to help.

In the mean time, we don't know how Mike Caussin might feel about Dean's comparison.

But we certainly think that Mike and Jana are doing a lot of good for their marriage and for others by sharing their story.

At the very least, doing a podcast may help Mike remain persistently honest about his behavior and make it harder to slip up again.

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