Married at First Sight Drops Biggest Divorce Bombshell in Show History

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In a word? KABOOM!

In a whole bunch of words?

Holy shocker, reality TV fans, can you believe the bombshell that exploded all over last night's Married at First Sight finale?!?

We're still reeling from what we just witnessed and, as you can tell by the looks on the coaches' faces below, we aren't alone...


We won't delay the suspense any longer. We'll just hope all readers are sitting down when they read the following:

Keith Manley said he wanted to separate from Iris Caldwell on Wednesday night's episode.

"You've been nothing but supportive. Whether it's coming to my grandmother's funeral or you coming to meet my family and spending time with my family," he told her on air, adding in more painful detail:

"I do want you to know how grateful I am to have met someone who has pushed me in so many different ways that I just had no idea I needed to be pushed in.

"Right now, I do think that we are in different places individually and for that reason I would like to get a divorce."


Dr. Pepper Schwartz was left "stunned" by this decision, while Dr. Viviana Coles said her heart was "broken for Iris."

As for the bride? She handled the news better than expected.

"I think you're an amazing person," Keith added. "I think you're an amazing woman but I'm just not sure you're the right one for me."

"I guess I'm at peace with it because it's something I can't change," Iris replied simply.

Take as long as you need to process this development and then scroll down to learn the fate of Gregory Okotie and Deonna McNeill...

Gregory Okotie and Deonna McNeill

Deonna said she was "growing in love" with her husband during their sit-down, helping us believe in this emotion once again.

"This kind of feels like a fairy-tale," she continued.

"I got married at first sight to find my forever relationship, to find my complementing partner, go on adventures, go grocery shopping, go home and have someone to talk too. With Greg, I have all of that."


Can Matthew Gwynne and Amber Bowles keep this positive reaction flowing?

Matthew Gwynne and Amber Bowles

After Gwynne was confronted with allegations of flirting with other women while married, the athlete apologized.

He sounded sincere, at least to an extent, but it wasn't enough for Amber ... who stood up for herself in a way that left viewers applauding all night long.

"I think I deserve to be pursued," she said, continuing as follows:

You said it's because you didn't feel a spark or connection but why didn't you walk away when you didn't feel the spark or connection?

"You could have saved me a whole lot of heartache because I'm hurting now and I'm feeling humiliated and I'm feeling like I'm not enough because of how you acted and the choices you made.

"I wish you would have walked away instead of hurting me."

Amen, Amber.

Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson

As for Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson?

These two, and the way they were presented, left us guessing until the very end.

First, Jamie confessed that he doesn't "love the sexual relationship" he has with Jamie.

So the end had to be near for the newlyweds, right?

Nope: despite their many ups and downs, the couple was united in their decision to remain married.

"I think there is a lot for us to grow together in this world and I think we have a lot of positive things to bring to each other's lives, but you've done some pretty effed up things and you've called me some pretty choice words," Elizabeth said.

"I think I'd be really crazy if I didn't stay with you so I want to stay in this marriage."

Can't say we saw that coming, but the episode was chock full of surprises.

"I just think there's just too much good, too much positivity, too much to throw away so my answer is yes, I want to stay married," Jamie concluded.

To wrap up, did you catch this amazing piece of Married at First Sight news?!?

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