Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: YES, We're Expanding Our Family!

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If you're a fan of the family, then you're probably aware that we're in the midst of a full-blow Duggar baby boom.

So many Duggar women have buns in their fundamentalist ovens at the moment that it might be easier to list the ones who aren't currently pregnant.

The Dillards' New House

That list would include Jessa Duggar, who welcomed her third child earlier this year, as well as Jill Duggar -- who just might have closed up shop for good.

Now, Jill and her husband are both unemployed, so it makes sense that they would hold off on having another kid.

(Actually, Derick is a delivery driver for Grubhub these days. Not quite as lucrative as taking part in his father-in-law's media empire, but better than nothing, we suppose.)

In addition to their dire economic straights, the Dillards use birth control, in direct violation of Jim Bob's belief system.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Out and About

That means, of course, that they have options other than "take a lot of cold showers" and "birth two baseball teams and an umpire."

But even though the Dillards have ample reason to hold off on having more kids, their decision has still met with intense scrutiny from fans.

After all, Duggar women are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

If Jill chooses not to fulfill her destiny as a two-legged baby cannon, surely she owes fans an explanation as to why, right?

Jill Duggar With Her Sons

(To be clear: we're being sarcastic, and she absolutely does not owe anyone an explanation. But feel free to flame us in the comments, if you must.)

Jill gets mom-shamed on a regular basis, so it's something of a miracle that she still bothers to update fans on her personal life at all, but this week. she took to Instagram and revealed that there will soon be a new addition to the Dillard household.

The mother of two posted the photo below along with a lengthy caption.

And folks -- fans are officially hyped:

Jill Duggar's Announcement

“So … my hubby and I have been talking about possibly … maybe … someday … maybe … getting the boys a dog," Jill wrote.

Okay, so maybe for Christmas, but IDK.,” she continued.

“Anyways, we wanted to get y’all’s thoughts & tips on best kid-friendly medium/big sized dogs and why … and any other tips for adopting a rescue dog and/or anything else helpful to think about!

Jill added:

Jill Duggar Selfie Alert

"And shhh, don’t tell the boys. lol"

Not surprisingly, the advice from fans consisted primarily of that important maxim -- "adopt, don't shop."

“We have 3 rescues and they are the most loving dogs!” one fan wrote, and another commented, “Rescue dogs!! There are so many that need homes.”

Jill will be in good company, as several of her sisters, including Jessa and Jana are already dog moms.

It may not be the announcement some fans were hoping for, but -- maybe it's time for those fans to get lives of their own.

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