Jersey Shore Recap: Zack Clayton Debuts, Acts Like a Douche

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These days, reality stars live out their lives on two separate stages:

On social media, we receive minute-by-minute, unfiltered updates on their daily lives, while on TV, we get a more polished version a few months later.

This is Zack Carpinello

So we've known for quite some time that Jenni Farley has a new boyfriend.

And we already knew that Zack Clayton is much younger than JWoww.

What we didn't know until last night, however -- what we couldn't have known from Jenni's Instagram posts -- is that homeboy is kind of a d-bag.

But perhaps we're being unfair.

Jenni Farley and Zack Clayton Carpinello

First impressions are often inaccurate, and this was Zack's first time on national television.

Besides, try as he might to come off as a smug dingus who's only there for the Insta-clout, he still couldn't have left a worse taste in our mouths than the always-repugnant Jen Harley.

Yes, before we get to the detached douchiness of "24," we have to start at the beginning with Ronnie's baby mama, who apparently doesn't know the meaning of "rock bottom."

Thursday's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Now that one cast member is locked up in federal prison, it might be time to change that title. Just sayin.') began with a birthday party for Ronnie and Jen's 1-year-old daughter.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Smooch

Not surprisingly, Jen decided to ignore the "birthday" and "1-year-old" parts of that description and instead focus on the paaaaarty!

Shots, margaritas, more shots ... under normal circumstances, it would have been strange behavior at a toddler's birthday party.

But Jen's single-minded focus on getting sh-tfaced was made even more bizarre by the fact that Ronnie was newly sober at the time, having just completed 6 weeks of in-patient rehab.

It often felt as though Jen was less concerned with getting inappropriately hammered at a child's birthday party and more concerned with rubbing her freedom to do so in Ronnie's face, which is ... insanely messed up.

Jen Harley and Ariana

Speaking of people who are attempting to turn their lives around, Mike Sorrentino factored prominently in the episode despite the fact that he's still munching down on tortilla pizza in a federal detention center.

He made a phone call during little Ariana's party, and Vinny and Pauly went to visit The Sitch -- but not surprisingly, the COs weren't keen on letting a Shore camera crew onto the grounds.

Kinda hard to make the pitch that you're filming a serious documentary when you're the show that invented the "smush room."

Getting back to 24 -- yeah, obviously it's tough to judge a relationship on the basis of a single interaction, but on Twitter, fans were unimpressed with Zack's smug superiority.

You're not gonna find a stronger, more self-possessed woman on reality TV than Jenni -- we just hope she's going into this thing with her eyes wide open.

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