Jared Fogle Mails Pubes, Dong Pic to Random Woman From Jail: Check Out My 5 Dollar Footlong!

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Earlier this year, we reported how disgraced sexual predator Jared Fogle is living large in the big house. Being rich has its perks, even in prison.

But apparently his easy life has made him feel entitled to push the boundaries of what's allowed for prisoners.

He has multiple pen pals beyond prison walls. And he sent one woman an outline of his junk ... along with clippings of his pubic hair.

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RadarOnline took on the unenviable task of obtaining and examining a letter that Jared Fogle sent from behind bars.

Fogle was infamously convicted for possession of child pornography and traveling to purchase sex with minors.

Even so, most people in their right minds would never have predicted how strange, creepy, and gross his "love notes" might be.

For one thing, he included what appears to be a tracing of his erect penis. 

Unsolicited dick pics just went retro, we guess.

For another thing, he included a sampling of his pubic hair, hoping that the recipient would be excited ... and would reciprocate.

Jared Fogle Goes to Jail

The 42-year-old's pervy letter shocked his lady pen pal, which we're guessing is how it fell into RadarOnline's possession.

"I hope you like them!," the disgraced sandwich salesman wrote of the strands of pubic hair.

Within the text of the letter, he also expressed his hope that she would respond in kind with some of her own nether hairs.

"Maybe you could put a few of [your pubic hairs] in the letter to me!" Fogle expresses.

On a more normal level, he pleaded with her for sexy photos to keep him company during his stay in prison.

Jared Fogle in a Bowtie

Obviously, not everyone has pubic hair to send in 2019, but that's not the issue here.

In addition to being a super pervy request, Fogle's suggestion is also a violation of prison rules.

You can't receive unsanctioned gifts in letters -- not even hair.

It seems that Fogle's fixation upon sex has not diminished with his time behind bars (which is no surprise, really).

Along with his "gift," he also offered a number of lewd suggestions to his pen pal.

Jared Fogle Sucks

Fogle suggested that she should bang someone else and then give him all of the salacious details.

"That would be a huge turn on for me," he admitted in his efforts to encourage his pen pal to act on his whims.

"I wouldn’t be jealous," he promised. "As long as you are honest."

That would be a very healthy attitude for people in an open relationship. Less so for a pen pal prisoner.

Clearly, this letter was too much for the woman who hadn't previously objected to a long-distance romance with a sexual predator.

Everybody has their limits, we suppose.

Jared Fogle Image

Notably, last year, Fogle was exposed using the prison internet -- which people jailed for sex with minors are not supposed to be able to access.

That is probably why he resigns himself these days to handwritten letters.

We don't want to give Fogle advice because we don't want his life to be any happier or easier, but most human beings don't want pubes-by-mail.

If they did, Amazon would be all over that business.

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