Barbara Evans Trashes MTV, Wonders: How is Amber Portwood Still a Teen Mom?!?

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Barbara Evans made $400,000 as a part-time cast member on Teen Mom last year.

In a new interview with Radar Online, the polarizing mother of Jenelle Evans has plenty to say about both her own daughter and also Amber Portwood, but we felt it necessary open with this revealing tidbit.


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This revelation aside (unless you still need a moment to digest it...), the crux of Barbara's interview centered on two people and two facts:

  1. Her daughter, Jenelle, who was fired by MTV executives this spring after authorities temporarily took away her kids in the wake of David Eason murdering his family's dog.
  2. Portwood, who remains a cast member on Teen Mom OG despite her July 5 arrest for domestic violence.

In recently-released audio, we've learned over the past few days that Portwood seemingly beat and threatened boyfriend Andrew Glennon on numerous occasions, prompting Barbara to ask a pertinent question:

How is she still a Teen Mom star?!?

Moreover... how is Amber still a Teen Mom star while Jenelle is not?!?

Barbara Evans Snapshot

“Why should Jenelle and I lose our money, and why is MTV supporting Amber when Jenelle and I have done nothing wrong?” Barbara asks Radar.

“We were on [the show] for 10 years too, and they stopped filming with us.”

Adds Barbara, in total consternation:

“Why is this fair? Why were we let go, and she wasn’t?"

Barbara, of course, has been relevant on Teen Mom for years because she's been serving as the guardian of Jenelle's oldest child, Jace.

She and Jenelle have had quite the contentious relationship, often arguing over both this custody arrangement  and Jenelle's past drug use, among other ways and reasons why she's largely considered an unfit mothre.

Jenelle and Babs Chillin'

Does Barbara have a point here?

Yes and no.

Jenelle absolutely should have been fired for both lying about Eason attacking her last fall and then for allowing her children to grow up in a home that also houses such a violent bigoy.

No one can argue with a straight face that Jenelle deserves the platform and/or salary afforded to her by MTV.

Now... should Portwood also be fired? In light of her arrest and the subsequent information that has come out about this long-time star?

Probably, but one really has nothing to do with the other.

It's also worth noting that Portwood almost definitely WILL be fired anyway.

Poor Amber Portwood

This, despite the following hilarious defense of Amber by an anonymous Radar source:

“Amber didn’t kill a dog. And she has not been convicted of a crime."

Techically, Jenelle didn't kill a dog, either. But point taken.

Still, in the aforementioned audio recording that leaked late last week, Amber allegedly exploded at Andrew... with their toddler in the room.

Hiw crime? Waking her up for an appointment at 2 p.m.

“If you don’t pick him up you f-cking fat piece of sh-t I’m going to f-cking stab you,” she says. “Get your fat ass up and get him.”

Yeah. She should be fired. 

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