Anna Duggar Criticized By Fans For Suggesting "Girls Night" With Guys Away Doing Hurricane Relief

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As we reported earlier this week, several members of the Duggar family are in the Bahamas assisting in hurricane relief efforts.

Sounds admirable enough at first, but like everything the Duggars do, the rescue mission has become a source of controversy.

Austin Forsyth, Jason Duggar, James Duggar, and John Duggar in the Bahamas

The official Duggar Instagram account (operated by Jim Bob and Michelle) announced the trip by posting the above photo.

Their caption read:

"John, Jana, Jason, and James took off early this morning with a medical and disaster relief team to the Bahamas to help after the massive devastation from #HurricaneDorian."

The Duggars' efforts were criticized from the start for two distinct reasons:

Jana Duggar on the Beach

For one, many questioned the decision to leave Jana Duggar out of the photo, despite the fact that she took part in the trip.

That's upsetting enough.

On top of that, the Duggars have been blasted online for their lack of training, as several fans have pointed out that there's not a rescue professional in the bunch.

Moreover, it seems they founded their own rescue organization for the trip - something they've called Medic Corp - rather than simply joining up with the Red Cross or another well-established organization.

Jana Duggar With John David Duggar Image

This could be because they feared they'd be turned away for their lack of training and experience.

Or it might be because Medic Corp was created with a profit or tax-incentive motive in mind.

Either way, it's troubling.

Still, the Duggars deserve credit for their willingness to roll up their sleeves and get to work rebuilding the battered Bahamas. Right?

Anna Duggar and a Child

And fans should definitely lay off Anna Duggar for recent, innocent comments she made about their efforts.

Anna is pregnant with her sixth child, so she obviously didn't participate in the rescue effort herself, but she's been offering words of support on social media.

“Keep praying for those that have been affected by this terrible hurricane,” she wrote.

She later commented on posts made by her sisters-in-law, writing:

"And [pray for] all of the people that have gone down to do relief work!” and “Praying for the group."

Anna Duggar Weight Loss Photo

All of those comments went mostly unnoticed, of course.

When Anna announced her plans to “have a girls night while the guys are away!” however, some of her followers became upset.

Yes, apparently, a number of ultra-sensitive Instagram users felt that it was inappropriate of Anna to use the hurricane as an excuse to have fun.

We guess we would agree if that's what she were doing - but she's not.

Josh Kisses Anna

Would these critics have the same objection to a bunch of military wives getting together while their husbands are overseas? 

We think not.

What's really going on here is that a lot of folks simply don't like Anna, ever, because she's still married to Josh Duggar.

We totally understand that, don't get us wrong - but let's try to focus our hate on Josh, where it belongs, mmmkay? Kthxbai.

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