Alana Thompson: My Mama Put Me Through HELL This Year!!

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This year, June Shannon has been in such bad shape that Alana Thompson couldn't bear to live with her own mother -- it just wasn't safe.

While attorneys protected Alana's money from her mom, Alana's sister Lauryn took her in.

Now, Alana has penned a moving post about enduring the horrors of this year -- and how she is thriving.

Alana Thompson Smiles in a Selfie

"Can we just be real for a second?" 14-year-old Alana asks her fans and followers.

As Honey Boo Boo is well aware, many popular users on social media avoid sincerety in public posts. But she wants to talk about this.

She writes: "Let me tell y’all how proud i am of myself!"

"i have honestly been thought hell and back this year," Alana points out. "And i’m still standing!"

"i have been doing so good in school," she adds. "And just being more happy."

Alana Thompson in Pink

Not all of the negativity in her life has come from June Shannon and Geno being the worst.

"I get so much hate," Alana laments.

"But then," she writes. "I think about who all loves me and i know them haters mean nothing."

" i have so much going for me," Alana affirms. "And so many people that love me."

"And the best words you can hear is I see you trying i’m so proud of you," she expresses.

Alana Thompson Poses Outdoors

"But really that feeling is a whole different story," Alana gushes.

"Knowing you are making people happy and most importantly you hits so different," she observes.

Alana has a powerful, uplifting message for her followers.

She writes: "let me just be the one to tell y’all if you are going through anything right now"

"Trust me," Alana ssures them. "It gets better you are worth it."

Alana Thompson Turns 13

"i’m so proud of you," Alana praises any of her followers who may be in need of validation.

"i can see you trying," she adds.

Alana concludes her inspiring message: "i love you."

Not every teen reality star has the presence of mind to give these kinds of affirmations to her own young, impressionable fans.

Alana has been through a lot, but she knows that her family doesn't have a monopoly on tragedy.

The Boo

June Shannon's drama is Alana's trauma.

June was arrested for crack cocaine alongside her terrible garbage boyfriend, Geno Doak, earlier this year.

Afterwards, instead of cleaning up their acts, the pair seemed to shrug off all concerns.

They went on gambling adventures while staying in hotels.

Most recently, June sold off most of her possessions from her home -- and is now living in an RV with Geno.

Alana Thompson Snaps a Selfie

We're relieved that Alana missed most of the horror show that left June's home covered in explained and unexplained damage.

But that doesn't make this easy for her. She's just a young teenage girl, and her mother has fallen so far.

When Alana pleaded with June to go to rehab at that disastrous intervention, June declined -- adamantly.

She said that she would not go to any inpatient treatment. Lauryn explained her "reasoning."

The truth is that June was afraid that without her there to keep an eye on him, Geno would either leave her or simply cheat.

No man is worth your family, your health, your money, or all of the work that you poured into bettering your life.

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