Why Is Mike Sorrentino Still In Prison? Jersey Shore Cast Descends on DC to Help #FreeSitch

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When Mike Sorrentino was sentenced to eight months in prison last year, the ruling came as a stunning blow to the family, friends, and army of loyal fans who had witnessed his transformation from hard-partying douche to compassionate, responsible pillar of his community.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of the criminal justice system, that transformation happened too late.


Sorrentino began serving his sentence on January 15.

You needn't be a mathematician to realize that about 7 and a half months have passed since he turned himself over to authorities.

Not only did Mike go to great pains to sober up and turn his life around in the years leading up to his sentencing, he's also a celebrity!

For those reasons, he was not expected to serve this much of his time.

The Situation Is Sober

And yet, it's looking more and more like the powers that be are planning to keep Mike locked up until the very last day of his sentence.

As Uncle Nino reminded us on last week's Jersey Shore, inmates charged with federal crimes are usually forced to serve considerably long portions of their time.

Still, everything about Mike's situation (hee-hee) screams "early release."

So why is it that the Sitch is still locked up just weeks away from his original release date.

Free Sitch

That's the question on the minds of Mike's female housemates, who marched on Washington this week demanding his release.

It's unclear exactly what they hoped to achieve, and not surprisingly, a Jersey Shore camera crew was on hand to document the protest.

So yeah, this was probably just a stunt to provide fodder for the show, which, by our count, is now in its 47th sesason.

But while the "protest" might not have been entirely serious, we're the ladies' desire to see their friend set free is 100 percent sincere.

Mike and Ronnie

The good news is, unless they bring new charges against him, the prison can't hold Mike any later than September 15.

The bad news is, Mike will face new hardships after his release.

He'll have to complete 500 hours of community service, and he may be forced to reside in a halfway house for up to three months.

He'll also be on parole, which means the slightest slip-up could land him back behind bars.

Fortunately, this is the new and improved Sitch we're talking about -- we're sure he's got this.

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