Tyler Baltierra: Heck Yeah I'm in Touch With My Feminine Side!

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Tyler Baltierra has had his ups and downs, getting praised and dad-shamed from one day to the next.

This time, a follower came forward with a comment -- that Tyler is very in touch with his feminine side.

Tyler agrees 100%, and his response should be read by men (especially dads) all across the globe.

Tyler Baltierra, Instagram Selfie

"You seem to be very comfortable with your feminine side," one of Tyler's followers recently commented.

Tyler replied: "It has never bothered me."

He recalled: "I was always told as a kid that I was 'too feminine.'"

That is, of course, both an absurd and a hateful thing to say to a child.

Fortunately, Tyler overcame those criticisms without letting them warp his perspective.

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"But I was raised in a household as the only boy," Tyler explained. "With my single mother and my older sister."

This was absolutely to his benefit.

"I think I was blessed to be raised without the idea that I have to trade my sensitive emotions for masculinity," he reflected.

Tyler affirmed: "I was raised by a very strong FEMININE woman."

"And," he concluded. "I am not ashamed of it at all!"

Tyler Baltierra IG story feminine side

Tyler left the comment, but that wasn't the end of it.

Realizing how important the point that he had made was, he took a screenshot.

He then uploaded the image to his Instagram Stories, highlighting the text so that it could not be missed.

It's a lesson that he wants to impart upon his fans and followers.

Not all of the baby daddies of Teen Mom are people who should be giving out life advice, but Tyler has a good head on his shoulders.

Tyler Baltierra Gets Honest on Instagram

It's not clear if the commenter to whom Tyler responded was trying to give a compliment or to be shady.

To be clear, their words were complimentary.

Some people, however, would take those words as an insult. Those people have no business around children.

Notice how Tyler didn't accuse the commenter of levying criticism and also didn't take it as a compliment.

He simply replied to the statement at face value, which is a good tactic when you don't know the original poster's intentions.

Tyler Baltierra Working on His Fitness

Tyler has faced "criticisms" before over the way that he styles himself and takes care of his body.

Rumors that he may be bisexual have circulated for years.

Tyler has done a reasonably good job of swatting rumors that he is bi or gay without overdoing it and coming across as homophobic.

For the record, taking care of your health and caring about your appearance are not based upon gender and sexuality.

Those are just things that people can do or not do for themselves.

And if Tyler sets off some people's "gaydar" ... it really doesn't matter. Only he gets to define his sexuality.

Tyler Baltierra and Fancy Jacket

The fact of the matter is that Tyler is a father of daughters, and his connection to his feminine side makes him a better dad.

He can play with his daughters without being self-conscious or haunted by pernicious ideas that toxic masculinity implanted in his mind.

Nova is already benefitting from that. Vaeda will do the same.

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