Tori Spelling Is Too Poor To Join The Real Housewives!

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It's a bittersweet day to be Tori Spelling.

She delivered a weirdly fantastic meta portrayal of herself on the premier of BH90210. The series is already garnering praise for its unique premise.

Hopefully for Tori, that eases the sting of being told there's no way she's going to be a Real Housewife.

Tori Spelling in Glasses

While appearing on Sirius XM's The Jenny McCarthy Show, Tori revealed that she wants to be one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What's more, she's pretty bummed out that Bravo hasn't approached her to join the show.

"They never asked me," Tori confessed, "and it actually makes me really sad."

Dean McDermott with Wife

We could see why Tori might make an interesting addition to the cast.

She made a decent case for her eligibility on Jenny McCarthy.

"I was born in Beverly Hills," she said, "so I have one thing going for me."

Tori added, "I'm married with a lot of kids."

"Drama follows me everywhere," she insisted.

She's right about that.

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth

Unfortunately, Tori is just going to have to let this dream go.

An inside source confirmed to Radar Online that Bravo has zero interest in bringing Tori aboard.

"Tori is 100 percent correct," the source told Radar, "She was never asked to be on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

"She's not a good fit," the source added.

Tori Spelling Promotes BH90210

Tori wouldn't be the only celeb to have a run as a Housewife.

Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna currently appear on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Tori even knows  some of the cast members, but Radar's source insists they "are not part of the same clique."

The 90210 Gang is All Here

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast isn't running into Tori Spelling," reports the insider.

The source explains, "The cast is full of actresses who have set the bar high with bringing the drama."

They continue, "Tori doesn't have a thick enough skin to play ball with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast."

Whoever this insider is, they are dragging Tori hard.

The source even added that Tori isn't "rich" or "A-list" enough to make the cut. Ouch.

Tori Spelling in a Coat

In Tori's defense, nobody on Real Housewives is A-list, so let's dial it back a bit, mystery insider.

But they're right about Tori's relative lack of funds.

The 46-year-old's financial troubles have been a huge source of drama for her these past few years.

She's still embroiled in a lawsuit with City National Bank, who've sued her for over $200K for failing to pay a loan.

And Tori was visibly irritated when her latest interview on Good Day New York took an awkward turn toward her finances.

Tori Spelling in a Swimsuit

Tori may (or may not) be struggling with money, but we still think they could make a decent reality series about her life.

Oh wait, that already happened like three times.

And she's guest-starred on tons of other series. She even turned out to be the unicorn this year on The Masked Singer.

With that in mind, you almost wonder what she needs Real Housewives for anyways.

Tori Spelling and Castmates

Overall, Tori seems to be doing fine. Maybe even better than usual.

For her sake, we hope BH90210 takes off, and keeps up the momentum from that promising premiere.

It's nice to see Tori with an income that isn't based upon family money or how many kids she has.

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