Todd Chrisley: Under Investigation by the FBI Over Sex Tape Extortion

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Todd Chrisley may soon be in even more trouble with the law.

And it may soon be proven that he's one of the more despicable reality stars in television history.

Todd Chrisley Looks Upset

As you very likely know by now -- as a dedicated a loyal celebrity gossip follower -- Chrisley made a fortune in the real estate business and has been the lead star on USA Network's Chrisley Knows Best for seven seasons.

He and his wife, Julie, were indicted by a federal grand just two weeks ago on multiple charges of tax evasion and financial fraud.

They've since proclaimed their total innocence, alleging that a disgruntled ex-employee falsified bank documents on their behalf and completely ste them up.

Sounds like a load of BS in our opinion, but our job here isn't to get caught up in fine legal points.

It is, however, to focus on allegations that Chrisley has been blackmailing his own daughter with the release of a sex tape.

Todd and Lindsie Chrisley

Over the past several days, new information has come to light in regard to why Lindsie Chrisley left her family's reality show back in 2017.

According to various outlets (and Tweets by her loved ones; see below), Lindsie's own father and brother are in possession of a sex tape she made with Bachelor Nation personality Robby Hayes and have been threatening to expose it...

... unless Lindsie's help her dad cover up the crimes with which he's now been charged.

Talk about bat$hit crazy and awful, right?

Hayes has actually confirmed that he and Lindsie made an accidental sex tape a few years ago, explaining that they were caught on a friend's security camera having intercourse on this friend's couch.

And now TMZ reports that Hayes has gone to the FBI with evidence that Todd has been using this footage to extort his own child.

Lindsie Chrisley and Terrible Dad

According to this typically-reliable website, Hayes "submitted a slew of evidence Thursday to the U.S. Attorney's Office" last Thursday.

He also submitted an affidavit and answered questions from federal prosecutors and is presumably awaiting a talk with FBI agents.

"At this point, this is all frustrating and this sex tape situation has been held over my head before," Hayes says about the scandal, adding:

"Hopefully all wrongdoings come to light."

This significant step comes just a few weeks ago Lindsie filed a police report that outlinede the extortion claim against her family members.

She claims they wanted her to lie under oath about her estranged parents' tax mess -- and she has also hired a security team because she fears  retaliation by Todd and/or his associates.

Todd Chrisley Promo Pic

Todd, of course, has denied the accusation of blackmail -- but his own text messages seem to imply otherwise.

In June of 2017 (the same month Lindsie quit Chrisley Knows Best), Lindsie’s sister, Savannah, Tweeted a reference to someone having an affair.

Todd (who, again, is LINDSIE'S FATHER) then added:

“Especially since there’s been more men in your bed than your husband has spent time there, #2batchelors #inlaws #vidoes #photos #letsdothis."

lindsie tweets

A few months later, Todd Chrisley sent a social media message about someone who “cheated twice.”

“Sometimes those that lie need 2 be exposed in order 2 stop the madness. #cheatedtwice #thxgodforpuppycams #JAMRH #suemeoverthetruth #psycho,” he wrote in September of 2017.

(For the record, Hayes says it was a puppy cam on which he and Lindsie were caught.)

Lindsie actually brought attention to these Tweets herself over the weekend, clearly addressing her awful dad by writing online:

You can do your interviews all you want, but here proves you were involved threatening me with it since 2017. Goodnight.

todd chrisley sucks

Todd is yet to comment on this damaging Tweets.

Probably because there's nothing for him to say. There's no defense that can be made.

They make it clear he's a terrible human being and parent and he may soon be facing new federal charges as a result.

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