Nicole Kidman: Desperate to Rescue Her Kids From Tom Cruise and His Scientologist Goons?

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Somehow, Tom Cruise still lands roles in big-budget Hollywood movies.

It's surprising because we live in a time in which celebrities get "canceled" over poorly-phrased jokes, and yet Cruise still has a career despite multiple decades as the poster boy for a global cult that's been accused of human trafficking and using slave labor.

Tom Cruise at Mummy Premiere

We suppose in a profoundly warped way, Cruise's commitment to Scientology is admirable.

After all, the religion has cost him just about everything except his career, and yet he still clings to it.

Cruise reportedly hasn't seen his daughter Suri in over four years as a result of his ties to the Church.

Insiders say Tom is been convinced that Suri isn't really his daughter -- but not in the literal sense.

Tom Cruise for The Mummy

He's well aware that he's the girl's biological father, but he's reportedly been convinced by top Scientology brass that as a "suppressive person" she's not his child in the spiritual sense.

It's a sad situation for Suri, but at least she's not trapped in the CoS or caught in the middle of a bitter legal battle between her parents.

The same can't be said of Isabella and Connor Cruise, Tom's children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman,

Though they're both adults at this point -- Isabella is 26, Connor 24 -- Kidman is reportedly deeply concerned about her children's future.

Isabella Cruise Promotes Scientology

And she feels their only chance at a normal is getting as far away from Tom and the Scientology leadership as possible.

Isabella is currently being groomed to assume her father's role as the face of the Church.

But the passing of the torch comes at an awkward time.

David Miscavige and other top brass within the faith are currently being bombarded with a slew of lawsuits.

Connor Cruise Pic

(Former Scientologists and their families timed the suits in order to deplete the Church's legal resources.)

Nicole reportedly sees this as her window of opportunity, and she's hoping to intercede on her kids' behalf before it's too late.

Rumors that Isabella is pregnant with her first child have led Kidman to the conclusion that there's no time to waste, and it seems her plan is to create enough legal headaches for CoS leaders that they'll want to distance themselves from the Cruise kids.

“Things are getting hot for Scientology with court cases that threaten to blow the organization wide open,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Nicole and Tom

“And if that happens, she wants Connor and Isabella — and this potential grandchild — to be out of harm’s way.”

“Those kids have grown up without choices,” former Scientologist Sam Domingo tells Radar.

“They’re being used as leverage for the church and it’s not right.”

Domingo, who grew up in the Church and broke free as an adult, says Tom and Nicole's kids were groomed for leadership roles from early childhood.

Nicole Kidman at 2017 Emmys

“Tom Cruise’s kids have grown up in an alien world. It’s completely different,” she tells Radar.

“Connor used to be sequestered in the President’s Office, which is the office that deals with the Celebrity Centre.

"The kids weren’t in general population like the rest of the kids. You never saw them.”

Sam's use of prison terminology like "general population" is probably not coincidental.

It sounds like the stakes couldn't be any higher -- a fact that we're sure Nicole is well aware of.

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