Lauren Hashian Marries Dwayne Johnson! Meet the Luckiest Woman Ever!

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It is official, it is surprising and it is so very exciting;

Lauren Hashian doesn't just smell what The Rock is cooking. She's prepared to cook alongside The Rock for the rest of her days.

Which is a slightly awkward way of saying the following:

Lauren Hashian and Her Rock

Lauren Hashian and Dwayne Johnson just got married!!!!!!!!!

The wildly popular action star made this unexpected announced himself on Instagram Monday morning,  sharing a gorgeous photo of himself and his bride and writing as a caption to the snapshot:

"We do. August 18, 2019. Hawaii. Pōmaikaʻi (blessed) @laurenhashianofficial."

As you can see in the images that follow, Lauren Hashian wore a long gown with lace detailing for the ceremony; she also carried a bouquet of white flowers.

Meanwhile, the handsome groom rocked a white shirt and white pants.

We're Just Married!

The newlyweds struck these  poses outdoors in front of the sunset, as Johnson draped two leis over his shoulders and the smiling bride held up her bouquet.

They just look so very happy together, don't they?

"Congrats man," wrote Johnson's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle co-star Kevin Hart Tweeted in response to the news, while even Tom Brady chimed in with a simple:


johnson kiss

Johnson met Hashian while filming The Game Plan way back in 2006, and they started dating a year later.

The couple share daughters Jasmine, 3, and Tiana, 16 months and have been together for over a decade.

In addition, Johnson has a daughter named Simone from his previous relationship with his ex-wife Dany Garcia; he remains very close to Garcia as well -- she actually serves as his business manager.

Seriously, EVERYone loves Dwayne Johnson.

Even his ex-wife.

Lauren Hashian with Dwayne Johnson

Although the former WWE wrestler just made it official this weekend, Johnson has been referred to Hashian his wife for years.

“I just refer to her as ‘my wife’ all the time,” he explained to Entertainment Tonight about a year ago. “So, a lot of people are like, ‘Oh, did you get married?’ I’m like, ‘No. Easy. Don’t rush big daddy.'"

It's unclear what has therefore changed between the couple that prompted them to exchange vows.

But it's obvious one thing has never changed between Johnson and Hashian: Their love for each other.

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian Photo

Because he's basically the perfect human being, Johnson wrote the following to/about Hashian in honor of Mother's Day in 2018.

Happy Mother’s Day to my main squeeze @laurenhashianofficial, holding my little main squeeze, Jasmine Lia, who’s holding my tiniest main squeeze, Tiana Gia - both our daughter’s middle names are in honor of their great grandmothers, Lia and Giavanna.

I’m in constant respect and grateful awe of all the things this incredible mama accomplishes on a daily basis.

He concluded at the time:

Of all the human beings on this earth she could have as her partner - she chose me. One big, brown, bald, tattooed, very lucky SOB. Happy Mama’s Day Lauren.

Take a bow and Queen it up - you’re an amazing mama and amazing mama’s make this world go around. 


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