Kyle Chrisley Shows Surprising Support for Terrible Father

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Kyle Chrisley has spoken out in his support of his embattled father.

This may not seen especially noteworthy -- a son coming to the defense of his recently-indicted dad -- and yet it is for two reasons:

1. Kyle and Todd have been estranged for years.

2. Todd very clearly does not have a great relationship with some of his kids.

Kyle Chrisley family

We'll deal with the first point, well... first.

Despite a great deak of conflict between the Chrisley patriarch and his 27-year-old son, Kyle made it evident this week that he isn't turning his back on his parents.

Not after they were indicted by a federal grand jury this week on 12 counts of tax evasion and fraud.

Moreover, in this same statement, Kyle also denied previous things he said in a 2017 interview with Good Morning America, during which he claimed that Todd "bragged" about not paying taxes and should be "held accountable" for his alleged actions.

Yikes, huh?

Kyle Chrisley

"I know the interview I did bashing my dad OVER A YEAR AGO is being shared on social media," Kyle wrote in a Facebook post, adding:

"Honestly I'm tired of it. You guys don't have the facts and I need to set the record straight once and for all. Everything I said in my interview was a lie. These allegations against my dad are all LIES!"

Yes, Kyle just outed himself as a liar apparently.

And yet... now he wants everyone to believe him.

Kyle proceeded to claim that a year and a half ago his mother, Todd's ex-wife Teresa Terry, and his sister, Lindsie Chrisley, turned Todd into the Georgia Department of Revenue on allegations of tax evasion.

A lawyer for Lindsie has since denied her involvement in the incidents that led to Todd's arrest.

kyle statement

At the time, Kyle said his relationship with Todd was "really rocky" and agreed to participate in the interview due to Todd's involvement in his own sobriety. 

"I was battling drug addiction and I left like [Todd was] trying to control me so when they said if he's locked up he can't put you back in treatment I said okay. I should have said NO!"

This is a lot to digest.

Kyle is trying to defend his famous father by explaining away comments he made in the past that implicated his dad in the exact crimes with which he's now being charged.

For whatever it's worth, Kyle was arrested in 2013 for allegedly assaulting his sister, Lindsie.

Todd Chrisley Promo Pic

He says he's on decent terms now with his parents, both of whom face 30 years in prison for allegedly evading federal taxes and hiding their income from the government.

Todd has alleged that a bitter ex-employee has set him up and forged his signature on official documents and that he's totally innocent.

Oh, and Todd has also alleged that his own daughter slept with two married men.

He seems like a great guy.

Todd Chrisley and His Wife

"My hope is that my sister Lindsie will seek the same forgiveness from my daddy as I have, that he is able to forgive her, and that my family will one day be whole again," Kyle wrote to conclude his statement.

Following Wednesday's court appearance, an attorney for Todd and Julie released the following statement to E! News,.

It read in part:

"We have no doubt that if this case ever reaches a courtroom, Todd and Julie will be completely exonerated.

"But in the meantime, their reputation will be sullied by a shamefully unjustified prosecution based on testimony of a dishonest source who has somehow managed to successfully mislead prosecutors."

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