Kelly Dodd: Tamra Judge Will Be FIRED and Vicki Gunvalson is a Broke Idiot!!

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Reports say that Tamra Judge is desperate to get Kelly Dodd fired because she figures that one of them has to go.

But Kelly says that if Tamra gets fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County, it'll have nothing to do with her.

She also lays into Vicki, whom she describes as an "idiot" who isn't nearly as successful as fans seem to think.

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Kelly Dodd took to Twitter to make her thoughts on Vicki Gunvalson as clear as they possibly can be.

"Vicki says, I’m not talking to her because she knows too much about me," Kelly's tweet begins.

She then goes on to call this "lies."

As evidence, Kelly then explains exactly how she would respond to someone who did know too much about her.

"I would have made friends with her so she didn’t talk," Kelly reasons.

That's a very smart plan -- and contrasts wildly with how she views Vicki.

Speaking of her rival, she writes: "She’s an idiot."

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Fan responses came pouring in and, even though Kelly was in Greece, she decided to respond to some.

"I’m super bummed that Shannon [turned] on you," one fan expressed.

That same comment continued: "This was the duo I was looking forward to!!!!"

"Because she wants the tres amigas," Kelly explained.

By that, she means the friendship between Shannon, Tamra, and Vicki.

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"I don’t know how that women is so successful at what she does!" expressed another follower. "I mean she acts like a 13 year old!"

"She’s not that successful!!" Kelly countered of Vicki. "Big hat no cattle."

"How can you say that? I’m not defending her at all but how can you live that lifestyle and not be successful?" asked a fan.

The incredulous follower continued: "You have to have money to live like that?"

"Live like what?" Kelly asked. "Does she have jets, boats, planes, houses and staff?"

"Are you kidding me," she expressed. "She lives in the sticks of OC . Not that successful honey."

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"Kelly i hear tamra wants you fired!" warned a worried fan. "Be careful you will be the friend nxt season."

Rumors have said exactly that -- that Tamra worries that she'll be demoted to a Friend (or worse) unless that fate befalls Kelly.

"I won’t be fired babes," Kelly assured her concerned followers.

Speaking of Tamra, she reminded Twitter that "she’s not a senior executive [at] @BravoTV."

"Her lies and desperation will get herself fired," Kelly predicted.

Vicki Gunvalson Bashes Kelly Dodd

The rivalry between Kelly and Vicki has been particularly intense recently.

After Vicki spread rumors that Kelly was some sort of coke fiend, Kelly (and fans) were outraged.

Some believe that Vicki's fondness for perpetuating (and fabricating) rumors may have been a factor in her shocking demotion.

Others saw Vicki losing her orange as a victory for Team Kelly -- as if Kelly had somehow caused it.

Remember, as Kelly says, that sort of decision is made by Bravo, not by the stars themselves.

It's good to remember that any time that Kelly discusses Vicki, it increases Vicki's relevance and gives both women storyline potential.

Wouldn't it be wild if Kelly's badmouthing ended up saving Vicki's job?

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