Kaley Cuoco FINALLY Addresses Karl Cook Divorce Rumors: Is It Over?

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It's been all of 13 months since Kaley Cuoco married Karl Cook, but rumors say that the two of them hardly see each other.

Are they really living separate lives as their marriage falls apart?

Kaley is addressing the story -- and she isn't exactly denying it.

Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook

Karl Cook took to Instagram and posted a less-than-flattering snap of his beautiful wife sleeping.

"In my just over year of marriage," Karl writes. "I have many times found myself gazing over at my wife in awe of her beauty and grace."

"This is not one of those times," he admits.

Karl's caption continues: "This time makes me wonder, ‘@kaleycuoco where’s your neck?’"

"Omg I love you so much honey!!!" he gushes in conclusion.

Here is the photo in question:

Kaley Cuoco Sleeps Less than Gracefully

It's a sure sign that your wife is reknown for her unquestioned beauty that you can post photos like this and remain married.

Kaley did see the photo, of course, and left a comment.

"I read somewhere that we are divorcing and living separate lives," Kaley's comment begins.

She is referring to recent rumors that the two hardly see each other and might as well not even be married.

Kaley adds: "It’s worth mentioning."

In other words, she is jokingly leaving a veiled threat that she could leave Karl at any time for posting a photo like this.

Kaley Cuoco comments about divorce rumors

In real life, if Kaley had been genuinely upset over the picture, Karl would have just taken it down.

Fans of the couple, at least, understood that.

"You two are a riot," comments one follower. "I love you both."

"Ding. ding we have a winner," proclaimed another commenter.

"If it's on the internet, it's true," another fan writes. "You look so happy together. I want a divorce just like that."

Kaley Cuoco Reception Photo

Other fans got serious about the rumors -- and truth -- about the married couple.

"I think to be married doesn't mean that you cannot have separate lives," one follower notes.

The comment continues: "It is even better not to forget the own life an relationship to yourself."

"And that is what they don't understand..." the fan observes. "It's working and they hate it."

Some couples spend every waking moment together and still end up splitting. They resent seeing a successful marriage.

Kaley Cuoco Karl Cook Puppy

"I saw on facebook some tv show had the headline about this, the comments were awful," another fan laments.

The same commenter observes that some people are "[So] quick to believe anything about celebs and also say some nasty s--t."

All too true.

Kaley and Karl do have a great deal of independence withing their marriage.

That is a sign that they are a healthy couple, not that they are splitting apart.

Kaley Cuoco, Fiance

Some married couples have separate bedrooms because the love is gone but they're just not motivated enough to divorce or look for someone new.

Others, however, have separate bedrooms because of snoring, or different sleep schedules, or different preferred sleeping temperatures.

In the first case, that's a sign of a marriage that has atrophied.

In the second, spending time apart is a way of keeping their marriage healthy and happy.

For Kaley and Karl, having their own lives helps them both be happy with each other and in their relationship. More power to them.

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