Jill Duggar Put Her Son In Danger & Laughed About It, Critics Say

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We know you've heard this one before -- Jill Duggar is being widely criticized for the choices she makes as a mother.

Mom-shaming Jill is one of the internet's favorite pastimes these days.

Jill Duggar Selfie Alert

Sometimes, it's warranted, such as when Jill didn't know how to put in a car seat.

That's constructive criticism that might lead to Jill to transport her children in a safer fashion going forward.

More often, however, it's just haters talking trash for the sake of it, such as when Jill was criticized for walking with her kids to Chick-Fil-A.

For one thing, at least those kids burned off the calories they were about to consume, and as a bonus, now we know where Jill falls in the Great Chicken Sandwich Debate of 2019.

The Dillards' New House

Over the weekend, Jill took to Instagram to share a clip that once again has fans up in arms.

“Here’s the video from this morning I promised to share,” Jill rather innocently captioned her Instagram Story.

It seems the windows wouldn't roll up in the Dillard family's minivan, and 2-year-old Sam was terrified by the incoming rain.

“Poor baby! He’s scared!” Jill said with a laugh.

Jill Duggar: We Moved!

Clearly, she found the situation amusing.

But as In Touch points out, many of her followers did not.

“This is flat-out very unkind and unfeeling actions towards a child,” wrote one commenter.

“That child looks to you two pinheads for his physical and emotional well being," the critic added.

Jill, Son

"To subject him to the cold and wind sounds in a moving car without a window and then laugh about it on social demonstrates a very low level of empathy and concern on your part.”

“You and your husband show a serious lack of empathy for your children," another follower remarked.

"Not just a lack of empathy, but you laugh at their stress. This is a pattern of behavior we’ve seen since Israel was a few months old. Seriously, what ails you?”

"Who laughs when their child is frightened?” echoed a third commenter, while another accused the former reality star of intentionally stirring the pot.

Jill Duggar and Son

“Seriously, why would you post something you know is going to upset a lot of people?” this person asked.

“You’ve become one of those people who posts on purpose for the hate just to remain pious when you don’t comment on the haters.” 

There's no denying that Sam was scared in the clip.

But there's also no denying that you need to laugh in order to overcome the challenges of raising young children.

Jill Duggar Rocks Swimwear

It's a thorny issue with no easy answers.

But as usual, Jill's supporters outnumbered her haters.

"Here come the ‘Perfect Moms Of America’ critics in 3 … 2 … 1," wrote one such fan.

It's entirely possible that Jill made the wrong call here and that she owes her son an apology.

But mom-shamers are pretty much always in the wrong, so the people criticizing her can all politely STFU.

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