Hannah Brown: God, My Life is a $hit$how!

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Hannah Brown was hoping to have other plans this past weekend.

Maybe she and Jed Wyatt would be choosing a band for their wedding.

Perhaps she and Tyler Cameron would be grabbing dinner and then seeing a movie.

In the end, however, Brown ended up all alone on Friday night for two unfortunate reasons:

Hannah Brown Stuns

FIRST, Wyatt turned out to be a rotten dirty liar who basically had a girlfriend back at home throughout his winning run on The Bachelorette Season 15.

As a result, once she learned the truth, Hannah ended the pair's engagement and sent Jed packing.

SECOND, Brown was seemingly all set to date her runner-up pretty seriously, only to go on one date with Tyler and then watch as multiple celebrity gossip outlets detailed his subsequent plethora of dates with Gigi Hadid.

Ouch. Very tough break for Brown on that front.

So this all brings us back to Friday evening...

brown with wine

The former Bachelorette lead opened up to fans about how she’s doing following her dating drama from the show, sitting down and revealing a lot about herself in a social media discussion.

“Hey ya’ll,” Hannah began in a series of videos on Instagram Stories on Friday, August 9, adding to those checking out this footage:

“Thought we could just cozy up and have a long overdue Friday night chat.”

The 24-year old beauty queen then detailed how she needed to shower, but that’s the “least of her concerns right now.”

“But what I want to talk about is some of ya’ll are crazy,” she continued.

“And Jesus loves you, so I’m trying to love you. But I feel like a lot of people are looking into anything I do - you know, breathe or post, anything - and looking for a cryptic message in there of how I’m doing.”

Hannah Brown Off a Helicopter

Hannah has been trying to make it clear for the past two weeks that she really is fine.

She is glad she discovered the truth about Jed and moved on and it's not as though she asked Tyler to marry her.

She asked him to get a drink...  the two did get a drink... and now they're both single, so whatever.

"We are trying to figure out how we feel," she said a few days after the first Tyler-Gigi sighting went viral. "I have feelings. But I’m also single. And he’s single. And I wanna keep my options open."

All true.

Yet it still must sting to see Tyler dating a celebrity, right? In such a public manner no less?

Ogling Tyler

Yes, Hannah now admits.

“How am I doing? I’ll let you know," she said on Friday, explaining:

"I have moments of mad, glad, happy, sad. I don’t know if you know this, but I just went through a s–tshow. Some of you watched, I lived it.”

There are obviously worse things in life than what Hannah has gone through -- but we do appreciate her honesty and we do feel for her.

The Bachelorette Finale

This isn’t the first time that the Bachelorette beauty has spoken about the difficulties surrounding her season and beyond.

When she felt that fans were comparing her to Hadid, she wrote the following on her Instagram Story:

“I am forever so thankful for the love and support you all show me,” she wrote last Wednesday evening, concluding at the time:

“However, supporting me doesn’t mean you have to compare me to anyone else.

"I want to make sure that we are all remembering to uplift other women and not tear them down. XOXO, Han.”

All this and Hannah still may need to sit back and watch Cameron as The Bachelor.

Hang in there, girl.

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