Courtland Rogers Gets Arrested AGAIN! Who Keeps Letting This Guy Out?!

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If you're a longtime Teen Mom viewer then you'll likely remember Jenelle Evans' first husband, Courtland Rogers.

Yes, Evans was married before she met David Eason, and believe it or not -- she may have traded up.

Courtland Rogers Mug Shot (April 2013)

In fact, Courtland may be the only one of Jenelle's exes who can actually hold a candle to her in terms of batsh-t lunacy.

Hard drugs, arrests, violence -- you name it.

These two were made for each other.

Jenelle has more mug shots than the entire Mafia combined, so it's unclear if Courtland has her beat in that department.

But it seems he's doing his best not only to break his former wife's record but to become the all-time world champion:

Courtland Rogers 2017 Photo

According to Starcasm, Courtland was arrested again on Wednesday morning.

Rogers allegedly violated his probation, and while the exact nature of his infraction remains unclear, we can assume it was fairly serious -- his bail has been set at $100,000.

The news comes just one week after Courtland's most recent arrest, which was also due to an unspecified probation violation.

But in case you're tempted to think that this is a case of the system abusing a high-profile felon who's just trying to get back on his feet, allow us to disabuse you of that notion:

Courtland Rogers And Lindsey Renee

Prior to his latest brushes with the law, Rogers was arrested for assaulting his wife.

At that time, he was already on probation for possession of a schedule III controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, sell or deliver.

All of this came after Courtland was released from prison after serving most of a three-year sentence in 2017.

The system doesn't make it easy for ex-cons to rebuild their lives post-incarceration -- but we're not sure there's anything that can be done to help Mr. Rogers.

Courtland Rogers, Son

Every time this happens, we speculate that now, Courtland will be locked up for good.

And every time, he's back on streets within 24 hours.

But we're not gonna sit here and whine about the state of our legal system.

We will, however, pine for a different timeline in which Courtland and Jenelle are still married.

If ever there were a couple who well and truly deserved each other, it was these two.

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