Brad Pitt Escaped Scientology After It Nearly KILLED Him, Source Claims

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We probably don't need to tell you that Scientology is bizarrely popular in Hollywood -- or that it doesn't have the greatest reputation in the rest of the world.

The reasons for this are as plentiful and insane as the Church's millions of followers:

Tom Cruise at Mummy Premiere

We suppose it's not surprising that a religion cooked up by a sci-fi writer and centered around space aliens and extreme narcissism would sell like hotcakes in Tinsel Town but wouldn't necessarily play in Peoria.

Still, as much as a cult that encourages its members to achieve success by battling the Martians in their soul seems tailor-made for actors and other film industry insiders, we're always amazed by just how many celebs have fallen victim to Scientology's bonkers claims.

Take Brad Pitt, for example.

These days, despite some rough patches in his personal life, Pitt remains so inarguably the epitome of cool that his dialogue in the Once Upon a Time In ... Hollywood script probably consisted of nothing but the words "Brad says some cool Brad Pitt stuff."

Brad Pitt with a Question

But that wasn't always the case.

There was a time when Brad was just a young Missouran trying to make it in Hollywood and running into the same stumbling blocks as any young thespian.

And it was during those early days of failed auditions and thwarted ambitions that the opportunistic bottomfeeders who operate the CoS almost got their hooks in young Mr. Pitt.

Former Scientologist Sam Domingo -- who was once daughter-in-law to famed opera singer Placido Domingo -- recently spoke with Radar Online for a series of interviews in which she shares her most shocking memories from her 22 years as a member of the CoS.

Brad Pitt = Handsome

Domingo claims that in the early '90s, Pitt and then-girlfriend Juliette Lewis were recruited for by the Church, but had the good sense to flee in the midst of a grueling "detoxification" program.

“Brad was recruited in the 1990s during the time he and Juliette Lewis did a movie together,” Domingo says.

“That’s when he was put on the purification rundown.”

She described the "rundown" as "a program where they basically load you up with vitamins and you sit in the sauna and sweat for five hours a day.”

“At least four kids have died on these programs,” Domingo claims.

“Brad was doing the same one. He was in the sweat box.”

Brad Pitt Says Hello

But unlike Tom Cruise, who remains 100 percent in bed with these loonies, Brad apparently knows a fishy scene when he sees one.

“He left! They weren’t able to keep Brad,” Domingo says.

Thankfully, Pitt escaped and was able to portray one half of 2019's most unforgettable onscreen duo (We're talking, of course, about Cliff Boote and his attack dog, Brandy.), but Brad's isn't the only happy ending here.

Juliette Lewis has enjoyed quite the memorable career herself, and it's all because she too was able to break free from the Xenuites.

Juliette Lewis and Alexander Skarsgard

“Juliette got in trouble because she got back into drugs,” Domingo claims.

“She was in my course group refusing to study. She put her feet on the table and refused.”

A stoned cult member with a penchant for showing the world the soles of feet?

The fact that Juliette's somehow not in the new Tarantino might be more baffling than any aspect of Scientology.

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