Zack Carpinello: Look Out, Jersey Shore! Here I Come!

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Zack Carpinello is about to go from arm candy to featured player.

Are you ready, MTV viewers?

You probably have a few months to get yourselves there.

Zack Carpinello with Jenni

Back in April, Carpinello made his relationship with Jenni "JWOWW" Farley Instagram official, making it evident to the world that the pair were knocking the proverbal boots.

Which is to say they were in a committed romantic that likely involved sexual intercourse.

The veteran Jersey Shore star and her professional wrestler of a boyfriend shared a photo at the time of the two of them stuck in traffic, trying to make it to Harry Potter world.

This confirmation came days after Farley teased that was involved with a younger mystery man, posing a rather intimate photo of herself and Carpinello in bed.

harry world

Fast forward a few months now and it appears as if Jenni and this attractive boy toy are going strong.

So strong, in fact, that Carpinello will eventually appear on episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

“They’re pretty much living together because he stays at her house all the time," an insider tells Radar Online, adding:

"They really do not spend any time apart from each other and Jenni is excited for her fans to get to know him.”

Farley, of course, is coming off an extremely ugly split from husband Roger Mathews.

This is Zack Carpinello

The two share a pair of young children together and engaged in such an ugly altercation back in December that cops were called to the scene and a restraining order was granted against Mathews.

He then went on Instagram and trashing the living Hell out of his estranged wife...

... only for Jenni fire back and accuse Mathews of abuse.

He basically admitted to having gotten physical with her in the past via an open letter to JWOWW that we summarized here:

Ugly stuff all around, that much is certain.

Which is why we're so happy Jenni now appears to have found true love once again.

“He makes her feel so beautiful and so special," Radar writes of Carpinello. "They are very much in love and have been discussing their plans for a long life together, including the possibility of kids."

Jenni officially filed for divorce from Roger Mathews in September of 2018, three years after they exchanged vows.

The estranged couple shares a five-year old daughter and a three-year old son, the latter of whom has been diagnosed as Autistic.

According to Farley, this diagnosis has created an insurmountable wedge between herself and Mathews.

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