Tori Spelling: Begging Dean McDermott For a SIXTH Kid?!

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Pretty much every time we talk about them these days, we feel the need to mention the fact that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are broke.

It's not that we're fixated on the couple's income, it's just that their diminished finances seem to factor into every decision they make.

Dean McDermott and Family

For example, when Tori and Dean run a pyramid scheme, it's not because they've always been passionate about the art of grifting.

It's because they're broke.

The McDermotts have been sued by numerous creditors, and Dean reportedly fell so far behind in his child support that a judge nearly threw him in jail last year.

According to a new report from Radar Online, Tori and Dean were recently hit with a pair of tax liens in the amount of $707,487 and $184,390.

Tori and Dean McDermott

Again, we say all of this not to shame the McDermotts, but rather to point out how bonkers it is that they want to have a sixth kid.

Or more accurately, Tori wants to have a sixth kid, and Dean is understandably deadset against it.

Spelling just welcomed her fifth child back in March, but apparently, she really has a thing for symmetry and she wants to balance out the brood by having three boys and three girls.

“Dean loves kids, but he’s stunned she would even suggest it,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

Dean McDermott with Wife

“Dean thinks she needs to get her head on straight and work on supporting the family they already have," the insider adds. 

Spelling has a role in the 90210 reboot coming to Fox in August.

But it seems that project hasn't turned out to be the cash cow she hoped it would be.

“She thought she’d be raking it in like they did in the ’90s,” a source said.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, Wedding Photo

“She’s getting a fraction of that!”

“Tori can’t command a big salary anymore,” another insider adds.

“She’s only done reality TV in recent years, she’s older and her reputation isn’t the best.”

But hey, Tori should focus on the silver lining here.

One 90210 reboot already failed.

If the cast was worthy of much larger salaries, they would probably demand more pay, which would probably prevent this project from happening at all!

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