Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: Faking Illness to Get Out of Lawsuit?

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Faking sick. When you're a kid it's a marvelous strategy that can get you out of everything from household chores to algebra tests.

But one of the many, many things that sucks about being an adult is that whether you're faking it or you've actually been laid low by illness, you're still expected to keep your appointments and meet your obligations.

Tori and Dean McDermott

That's a lesson that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are learning the hard way this week.

As we've reported in the past, Tori and Dean are broke.

And we don't mean "fire the live-in acupuncturist" Hollywood broke.

No, these two are flat-out coupon-clipping, mayonnaise sandwich-eating destitute.

Dean McDermott with Wife

Okay, so maybe the situation isn't quite that dire, but Tori and Dean are being sued by creditors left and right, and insiders have claimed that the couple's debts are far greater than their combined earnings last year.

We're guessing such deep debt is particularly difficult to endure when you've spent most of your life in the lap of luxury, as is the case with these two.

Anyway, one of the many organizations that claims to have been fleeced by the deadbeat McDermotts is the City National Bank of Los Angeles.

The bank alleges that Tori and Dean have failed to pay back a six-figure loan, which has amassed a considerable amount of interest in the 18 months since Tori and Dean made their last payment.

Dean McDermott Hospital Pic

The couple was scheduled to appear in court this morning to respond to a lawsuit filed by the bank but they requested a postponement due to McDermott's sudden illness.

The actor posted the above photo over the weekend with a caption reading:

“So this happened last night.

“I got admitted to hospital with pneumonia, possibly meningitis.

Tori and Dean in Hawaii

"I’ve never been so sick in my life!!!! Thumbs up and spirits up though. And don’t forget to listen to @daddyissuesshow this morning at 9am.”

Yes, Dean was healthy enough to plug his podcast, which we assume was pre-recorded.

Radar Online has confirmed that Tori and Dean were on the docket at LA County Court, and apparently, they were scheduled to testify in two separate hearings, both of which have been postponed:

The appointments were listed as “Hearing on Application for Order for Appearance and Examination of Dean McDermott,” and “Hearing on Application for Order for Appearance and Examination of Tori Spelling," respectively.

Spelling and McDermott

The site reports that those hearings have been pushed back in response to Dean's illness:

“Lawyers on both sides agreed to push the hearing to September,” says one insider.

The timing of Dean's hospitalization combined with the fact that he was well enough to post selfies and promote his podcast has led many commenters to speculate that he's faking it.

To be clear -- that's probably not the case.

However, if Dean really went to such great lengths to postpone a bankruptcy hearing, then he deserves our undying respect as a master bullsh-t artist.

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